Monday, March 12, 2012


date: Thu, 11 May 2000 09:13:01 +0100
from: "Mick Kelly" <>
subject: To boldly go... a mission statement for CRU

For today's meeting, here is a draft mission statement written following
the guidelines in my business plan book - hence the nature of the wording
which may or may not be appropriate for a scientific institution.
Regardless, this is a true mission statement with verifiable commitments
rather than just a 'vision'.

The mission of the Climatic Research Unit is to undertake cutting-edge
research on the nature, predictability and impact of natural and
anthropogenic climate change, maintaining a position as a world authority
in this field.

Supporting the development of a sustainable response to the vagaries of
climate, the Unit will continue to be recognised as a principal source of
training and advice on climate issues because of the high quality,
objectivity, topicality and policy-relevance of its work.


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University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ
United Kingdom
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