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date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 00:07:46 -0500
from: Francis Zwiers <>
subject: Re: [Wg1-ar4-clas] draft to sign

Hi all - here are a few more edits. I agree with Gabi that we shouldn't include the
"puppet" sentence. Also, I don't think we need to compare what Susan said in Paris (as
quoted by Wasdell) with something that Sir John might hypothetically have said. I think
that sends a message about Susan that we don't mean to send! I've tried to add a sentence
indicating that the Paris process improved the way the document communicates our findings,
but that it did not change the finding themselves.
Cheers, Francis
[1] wrote:

Hi all, an attempt to some more edits removing the "puppet" sentence and
another sentence that I worried about - now on to the chapter edits checking
(although this is more fun - maybe - anything is more fun than page proofs
apart maybe from doing the taxes).
I admit I am frustrated by what at least one of our collegues said to the new
scientist. He should know better!
Quoting Ken Denman [2]<>:

Hi Piers et al,
I have taken the liberty to suggest a few changes (with change tracker turned on) -
while you Europeans (oops, and Brits) at least are sleeping. And Piers and Richard,
thanks a lot for getting this moving quickly.
Regards, Ken
ps. Piers - my salary is paid by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. They are VERY uneasy when
I speak or write letters to the press, but they get really upset when I don't credit
them appropriately. C'est la vie.
[3] wrote:

Hi all
This is the latest draft with Jerry's and Ken's edits. However, in addition I've
deleted the para on the Paris meeting - as it was essentially repeated within
the last paragraph, and slightly reordered the other paragraphs
Again please make further
edits. Also please could people approve the attachment of their name to such a
letter. Non highlighted names are people who appear to have already given
approval for their name to be used. If you are a yellow highlighted name I think
you are likely (or very likely) to sign!
If we could have a relaxed attitude and sign a letter that is still in the
process of being drafted it would save someone (me) a bunch of work at the end
collecting approvals
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