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date: Thu, 10 May 2001 15:04:08 +0100
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: Funding of new buildings
to: r.k.turner@uea,n.pidgeon@uea,m.hulme@uea


You might like to start marshalling your arguments - as the 3 prime
residents of ICER - concerning this additional tax on programmes/centres
funded by Research Councils/Leverhulme. Please DO NOT exercise these
arguments in public - I hope this is just the other Groups chancing their
arms, but I need to be fully-armed.


Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 14:48:06 +0100
>To: Christine Cook <>
>From: Trevor Davies <>
>Subject: Re: Funding of new buildings
>Cc: f.woodhams@uea, a.grant@uea
>In-Reply-To: <>
>No, I am not aware of this. I did not know that - should we not be
successful in fund-raising - we would be expected to pay back the shortfall
& 50% of the the costs of a loan. I am not suggesting that this is not a
reasonable scheme/incentive, but - surely - this cannot be imposed,
retrospectively, out of the blue. ET may have discussed it at great length,
but those discussions did not include ENV, & appear to have taken place
"after the event". As far as I am aware - unless you can point out when
other communication took place - we agreed to do our damndest to raise the
shortfall without any indication of a penalty for failure - the original
"penalty" of not enjoying future "selective investment" appearing to have
been sunk without trace. You will recall lengthy correspondence between me
& ET on this matter, which also included my speculation on some of the
reasons why we could not persuade JIF to give us more.
>I shall be grateful if you will explain the significance of "not including
the MED School".
>At 14:09 10/05/01 +0100, you wrote:
>>On behalf of the Registrar and Secretary
>>As I know most of you are aware, the Executive Team considers that, at
>>least for the current round of new buildings, (not including the MED
>>School), any gap funding required from the University should be in the form
>>of a loan through one vehicle or another, and the debt charges should be
>>shared 50/50 between the users of the space and the University's Selective
>>Research Investment Fund. This proposition is going to PRC on Monday. The
>>thinking behind this is that it will encourage rigorous rivew of the
>>business case for new building and efficiency of procurement, whilst
>>providing a contribution from the University as a whole as an encouragement
>>to sensible growth.
>>We are assuming that, once we have crawled over the plan for the BRC, the
>>income which the building itself generates will be sufficient to cover debt
>>charges of the order of �175,000 p.a. The ICER gap funding is a top
>>priority for fund-raising but there might be a gap at the end of the day.
>>If this was, say, �1m this would be a call on ENV's annual budget of around
>>This matter has been discussed at great length by the Executive Team before
>>reaching this conclusion. It appears to me to be a reasonable way forward
>>and hopefully, after we have looked at the detail, it will be viable for
>>all concerned. However, if you do have any pressing concerns no doubt you
>>will consult with me and the relevant PVC.
>>Mrs Christine Cook
>>Assistant to the Registrar and Secretary
>>University of East Anglia
>>NR4 7TJ
>>Tel: [+44] 1603 592771
>>Fax: [+44] 1603 507753

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