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date: Thu Aug 11 09:48:26 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: logbooks and things
to: "Dennis Wheeler" <>

I've sent some emails here, but people are away this week. I'm off next
week, so maybe you'll get something in a week or two.
At 09:16 11/08/2005, you wrote:


Thanks for your prompt reply. There's clearly some talking to be done in Exeter. I don't
know if you are interested, but we are planning a working dinner on the Tuesday evening
to review the whole logbook/imaging/digitisation enterprise. Philip Brohan and his
people will be there, together with Clive, myself, Scott and Joe. You'd be more than

I'd certainly appreciate anything that you can direct to me with regard to successful
(or, even, otherwise) bid documents.



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From: [1]Phil Jones
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Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: logbooks and things
I am planning to come to the marine meeting in Exeter in October. There is
an additional day on the Friday for MSLP, which Rob is putting together.
On Gibraltar, it would be good to sort out the record once and for all,
and if it involves using more of Cadiz, then so be it. It needs to be Gibraltar
from the 1850s onwards though as this is by far the easiest to update. So, lets
try and work on that. We could discuss this more in Exeter.
In the long run it would be useful to try and sort out the temperatures also,
but with the elevation and time schedule changes this is likely to be more
difficult than MSLP.
I've not managed to find the original copies of the Gibraltar data I got from
Hubert Lamb. They are likely in my room somewhere, but I would need weeks
to go through it. CRU has to clear out a store in a barn about 5 miles away
over the next 2 months, so I might find them there!
I saw Clive a few weeks ago, so am up to speed on what he's doing. It is good
that he's got some funding for another year. As for getting funds from NERC, this
is likely to optimistic, but if we don't even try we will never know. We've not
very successful with NERC over the years. They have just changed their
submission strategy to an online submission and I've not yet used that. I don't
know when deadlines are, but agree that we might stand more chance if it came
from here rather than Sunderland. They also do joint submissions. I'm away next
week, so I'll send a couple of emails to see if I can get sent (to you) copies of
some recent successful ones - one for a new researcher and one for one of
the thematic programs. NERC have an enabling fund, but calls for this have
been stopped for this year as they are short of cash. We've been looking into
this for updating some of widely used high-res datasets, and it seemed possible
until the fund was dropped for a year. With NERC though we should use the
impetus of the US and the CLIWOC special issue and the EU book.
As for Catherine, I spoke to her a while ago. I've had that topic on the list
a few years, had some interest from students, but not been successful here
as I have too many students at the moment. Some have completed now or will
do soon, so I might have more chance this time (this will be late autumn/winter).
Despite all the things you might read in the media, about students not wanting
to do PhDs, we still require them to have a first and an MSc. We still manage
to get them. Maybe this coming year will be different though. If you give her
a good reference and say she is excellent, I might stand more chance. Also
say topic is great also.
I've probably rambled on enough now....
At 20:59 10/08/2005, you wrote:

Phil,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

As promised, Ive written to keep you up-to-date with developments and also, although
more of that later, to seek your expert advice.

Firstly, Ive been reworking the early Gibraltar air pressure data. As you may know,
Ive not been entirely happy with the 1821-1852 part of the series. Ive been out to
Gibraltar (courtesy of a grant from the RMS Legacy Fund) and abstracted again the
0900 series to check its accuracy, but Ive also taken the 1200 and 1700 observations
for completeness and added the temperature obs for the same fixed hours. Time
limited me to securing only the 1821 to 1830 part of the three decades. However, Ive
been able to set these data against those for Cadiz for the same period (the INM
kindly sent me photocopies of the very many original sheets that contain the latter
and they gone on for many more years). The results so far but theyre far from
complete suggest that my concerns may be unfounded. If this is the case, then the
data are good but their behaviour suggests something very unusual about pressure
variations at the southern end of the NAO for these years. Either way, Im becoming
convinced that the Cadiz data would be a better basis for these years. Although they
would need to be homogenised into the Gibraltar set. But this wouldnt be difficult.
Ill keep you posted. Theres still a way to go on this, but it looks promising. By
the way, Ive been asked to send a reference on behalf of a former CLIWOC abstractor,
Catharine Ward, who wants to work on your Paris data project and the NAO
ramifications. Ill get this off to you in the post tomorrow apologies for the delay.

Secondly, logbook studies are continuing and, happily, within a new EU grant. You
may have heard that Danny McCarroll (Swansea) led a successful bid for a so-called
Millennium project which is, essentially, a European version of your work with Mike
Mann for the 1000-year climate record. Doubtless the EU wanted a European version
for political reasons but, as youll appreciate more than anyone, theres a good
scientific basis for such a regional expression of the global scheme that you have
produced with Mike. But I digress; I was asked to join the documentary team of the
project (there others are for dendrochronology, terrestrial sediments, marine
sediments and a multi-proxy calibration team) by Rudolf Brazdil. My brief is to
supply logbook data, but Ive also written myself in to take care of the
Gibraltar-Cadiz series, so I should be able to complete the unfinished work
mentioned above. I have about 110,000 and will be able to employ one abstractor for
at least a year, maybe longer. Its nothing on the CLIWOC scale, but were only using
logbooks from the NE Atlantic and, helpfully, the Mediterranean.

Clive, as you will probably know, is employed for this year by NCDC and is, with his
usual attention to detail and thoroughness, preparing a directory of logbooks that
can be expected to supply useful (mostly instrumental) climatic data. Scott and Joe
Elms have secured about $700,000 for logbook digitisation, leaving the UK people to
secure money to provide the images. Their funds, for reasons of US Government
policy, cannot be spent outside the USA and Clives employment is a bit of a one-off
exception. As a result Im trying to get money to produce a very large number of
logbook images. Im working with Philip Brohan, Simon Tett and Rob Allen with a view
to approaching NERC. The US support is obviously helpful but, on the other hand, I
dont think that wed get much change from asking NERC for money to take lots of
photos! So were thinking of tying the whole thing in with some research at the
Hadley Centre and focussing on those logbooks that provide instrumental data. At the
moment our plan, such as it is, is to consider using these data to test proxy and
multi-proxy calibrations from other independently-derived series. Of course, the US
folk would get copies for their warehouses full of people to digitise, but we might
need to underplay that side of things. Id very much welcome your thoughts on this
one Phil. Also, if its possible and practical, Id like to see a copy of a
climate-based bid that has gone forward to NERC. Could you let me have such a thing
without breaking confidences etc.? Ive not applied to them before, and Im a little
in the dark on what they might expect in a bid document. The regulations will
require that myself and the University are the leaders as the UK Met Office cannot
receive funds directly from NERC. Alternatively, might CRU be interested in becoming
involved? At this stage were open to any offers of support, guidance or
participation. Needless to say, Im concerned that the university of Sunderland will
not carry a great deal of academic weight with NERC. Otherwise, Ive had no luck
elsewhere and its all a little embarrassing given the Americans enthusiasm and

I probably beginning to ramble a bit here, so Ill close, but let me know your views
on this and the other matters above. Scott and Joe Elms are coming over for the
MARCDAT II meeting in Exeter in October. Clive is attending also, and Im giving
short presentation on the instrumental data to be found in the logbooks of the EIC
ships. Do you plan to attend?



Prof. Phil Jones
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Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email

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