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date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 07:52:48 -0000 (GMT)
subject: Re: For URGENT comment - Oral PQ on near-surface temperature data
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I'm at a meeting in Bristol and I don't have any of the correspondence
I've sent to John Mitchell on this issue. John is working on a letter
to go out to all Met Services around the world to check whether we can
send the data we have for their countries.
Some history - in order to get more data CRU/UEA has entered into
agreements with Met Services and individual scientists.
Our web site has the gridded data for all to use. It is the gridded
version that you need to calculate the global average temperature. This
is available on the Met Office and the CRU web sites. The issue is
about the original station data.
The MOHC/CRU series looks essentially the same as the two US series.


PS This email came through last night. It relates to a precip data set
that the German Weather Service work on. Neither MOHC nor CRU want to
waster their time in a similar fashion. GPCC release gridded data for
precip like we do for temperature.

Hi, Phil,

I thought you might be interested in some comments that Udo Schneider
made at a meeting last week. I raised the question of data release from
GPCC and he said that some of the countries that provided data to him
for GPCP would not mind him releasing their data but if he tried to keep
track of which data he could and which he couldn't (and probably some
additional ones of which to scientists and which to the public) he would
be spending all his time book keeping as he has received data from 185
countries. Therefore, to simplify matters he has one policy fits all: he
will not release any data.


Thomas C. Peterson, Ph.D.
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> Dear John , Phil
> Apologies for the very short notice but I would be very grateful for
> your urgent views/comments on the following oral PQ, which we only
> received at the end of today (Monday) and need a provide draft answer
> and briefing for by 2pm, Tuesday 3 November:
> To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, If he will
> discuss with the Met Office Hadley Centre and the University of East
> Anglia Climate Research Unit the publication of near-surface temperature
> data used to calculate changes to average global temperature.
> Any comments and background information you can provide as soon as
> possible on Tuesday morning would be much appreciated. Please reply to
> all recipients of this email.
> Thanks.
> Andy Chalmers
> Climate Science and Impacts team, CESA, DECC
> Tel: 0300 068 5565

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