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date: Thu Jan 13 12:34:21 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Chapter submitted !!!!
to: Kevin Trenberth <>, Kevin Trenberth <>, Peter Ambenje <>, Roxana Bojariu <>, David Easterling <>, David Parker <>, Fatemeh Rahimzadeh <>, Jim Renwick <>, Matilde Rusticucci <>, Brian Soden <>, Panmao Zhai <>, Albert Klein Tank <>

Dear All,

Subject title says it all really. I have lodged the chapter with WGI and I think
was the second one received. Chapter 7 seems to have something there. Maybe Kevin
can find out if we were second as he's at the AMS (with Dave Easterling and David Parker)
and Susan Solomon is there.

I'd like to thank you all for your contributions and responding to emails over the
last week regards to references. A particular thank you goes to Albert who spent
much of last weekend checking the reference list with the text and vice versa. Any
mistakes you spot are mine, though. I spent a few hours adding in reference details
and although I hope I didn't make a mistake, I probably did. Albert and me also had
to make a number of decisions on a,b etc for some references and to change some
years between the text and references. Hopefully we got the majority right, but I would
ask you all to check those in your section before we meet again in Beijing.
As for the time between now and Beijing, I am going to forget about the draft
for at least a month (unless I've screwed anything up in ftp'ing the draft to WGI) ! Kevin
I will be back in touch though during February as there are a number of outstanding issues
that we need to follow up well before May. We'll be making a list and sending this around
in due course. Getting better versions of many of the figures is one, for example, and
you'll all see highlighted bits of text when you get your copy of the ZOD.
The figures file I submitted had to go into two halves, so I could print it ! This is
due to 10 maps of trends of temperature and precipitation that NCDC have produced in
the last couple of days. All I've had a chance to do with these is to add a paragraph
of text in 3.2 and 3.3.
I've emailed WGI to ask them to send back to both Kevin and me the version they
put together for our reviewers. When we get this we'll send this around to all of you
and also to the CAs. This way we'll all be working off the same copy, so we'll be
able to know exactly where we are with pages and line numbers. Given the size
of the ZOD I submitted, I suspect all we'll need to send you all is an ftp address.
Once again thanks for all your efforts ! My life is my own again - for a while !

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email

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