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date: Thu Sep 6 15:41:42 2001
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: november abrumpt change esf meeting
to: Keith Alverson <>

It will as it turns out, be very inconvenient for me to attend. I would have to leave early
to get back here to pick up a flight to the US that is booked already by a collaborator . I
could though ask my collaborator here
Tim Osborn to take my place if you would pay his expenses. We just do not have the cash to
cover such things at present.
Tim could give a really useful presentation on the use of the density network to
reconstruct the multi-century temperature record , including vital info on the
uncertainties . He is a coauthor on my recent papers and is doing the work anyway. He can
also show how these , and other palaeodata, are used to provide quantitative estimates of
the 'detection' of unprecedented warming in the longer context (at different spatial
scales). He is also very acquainted with the details and significance of Mike Mann's
Hemispheric Temperature work (he worked over there with him this year) and he is doing
great things with NAO in the instrumental and model data.
All in all then much better value for money than me - but not nearly as good looking.
Would it be alright if I asked him to substitute for me?
At 02:26 PM 9/6/01 +0200, you wrote:

Hi Keith and Ray,
I am not sure if you are planning on attending as speakers at the ESF
abrupt change meeting. Please let me know if you will be there.
The following people have backed out:
overpeck, broecker, markgraf, joussaume, zolitschka, mitchell
all other speakers have confirmed (except the two of you who are ? marks)
New speakers are Olga Solomina, Mikhael Levitan (we had some money to invite
ex soviet speakers) and Mark Rodwell (to replace Mitchell)
Thomas Stocker, Jean-Claude Duplessy and I have now gone through 300
applications and have accepted 150 people. I anticipate that between 100-120
will attend given that many were offered no funding.
For your info on finances, along with the 780 euro fee covering room and
board (etc.) we will be giving you some travel money. In the current
(tentative budget) I have blocked 420 euro for briffa travel and 1120 euro
for Bradley (these are expected upper limits).
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