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date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 12:48:13 -0000
from: "Gillian Watson" <>
subject: RE: sceptics
to: "Mike Hulme" <>


I heard the Stott vs. Houghton item on the Today programme this morning...

There are a series of links to related web pages at the BBC online article
today on "Sceptics denounce climate science 'lie'" at Links
are included to the ESEF web site ( and the
sites for George C Marshall Institute ( and Philip
Stott ( Note also that the Tyndall web site is
listed 3rd on the internet links section...


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From: Mike Hulme []
Sent: 25 February 2002 12:35
Subject: sceptics

Did anyone hear Stott vs. Houghton on Today, radio 4 this morning? Woeful
stuff really. This is one reason why Tyndall is sponsoring the Cambridge
Media/Environment Programme to starve this type of reporting at source.

In the meantime the Carbon Trust were very annoyed by the piece (also an
article in The Daily Mail - surprise, surprise) and have talked to me about
their best line of action. I have pursuaded them that a knee-jerk reaction
is not the best. However, .......

Two questions can anyone help me with:

- are there any on-line web sources reporting on the US Panel that reported
to Bush last June on the credibility of the IPCC Assessments?

- can anyone find out about this European organisation that published this
report that has caused the flurry of activity? I've heard of it before but
is there a web site?

Simon, could we have a chat about this soon, and Vanessa, please could you
buy me a Daily Mail today?



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