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date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:01:51 EST
subject: ESRC Brand Identity Audit

My name is Robert Edwards, I am a partner in a brand consultancy company
called Left Field.

You recently received an e mail from David Ridley at ESRC on the subject of
their Brand Identity Audit. Left Field is the company undertaking that audit.

I would much appreciate your sending me any of the following material which
may have been produced in relation to your ESRC programme. The more complete
the package you can supply, the more detailed the audit we can undertake and
this in turn will result in clearer and more accessible guidelines for ESRC's
investment and programme partners.

We require examples of

Information/press packs including press releases and newsletters
Invitations/events/exhibition material
For presentation material (assuming Powerpoint presentation) a sample page
can be e mailed to
For Web page design you can simply supply web address

The hard copy material can be sent to

Robert Edwards
Left Field
14 Southwood Lawn Road
London N6 5SF
e mail

If items are too bulky to send please supply sample pages (most particularly
those that feature your own and ESRC branding) For exhibition material, if
you have it, a Polaroid/picture would be very helpful. If you have any
questions on this please e mail or you can contact me on 020 8341 3008

I fear we are pressed for time on this project and hope that you will be able
to send your samples within the next few days. Your help is much appreciated.

Robert Edwards

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