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date: Thu Jun 16 09:58:11 2005
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Fwd: NH Borehole Timeseries

thanks for this . There will be problems reducing the overall text and in so doing trying
to avoid too simplistic/stark statements , or making implications that were not intended.
The borehole section is too technical and long and will have to be shortened, perhaps(?)
with some text moved to a "Supplementary Section" still not decided.
The problem is that the proportional allotment of space re. multi-proxies, GST,
simulations, (and especially the regional section (which should /might contain SH
temperatures and , large scale precip. - necessarily very briefly if at all) will have to
be thrashed out but ultimately decided by Peck and Eystein - obviously with interaction
with all of us. Hence , we need your input and I will send the text as it is soon. Ricardo
is still working on the last (Regional section) and we are struggling here to get the
Figures the way we want them. Can I ask if there is an equivalent SH GST curve as for the
north - we were considering (though are now not likely ) to show one - but wanted to know
anyway. Thanks
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Subject: NH Borehole Timeseries
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Hi Tim,
Attached is the Northern Hemisphere timeseries for the boreholes, an area-
weighted average from a five-degree grid. It includes a mean reconstruction
and two uncertainty timeseries representing +/- 1 standard error. We have
referenced the series to the zero crossing of the NH SAT (total). This is
after the Moberg et al. paper in which the crossing year was determined to be
1958.5. That reference for the SAT data is:
Jones, P.D. and A. Moberg, Hemispheric and large-scale surface air
temperature variations: An extensive revision and an update to 2001. J.
Clim. 16, 206223 (2003).
The reference for the borehole reconstruction is Pollack & Smerdon (2004).
If you and Keith are using another subset (land only?) or version of the SAT
data please send us the year of the zero-crossing of the 20th-century SAT trend
in the dataset you are using. We can reference from there accordingly. Let me
or Jason know if you have any questions. I am leaving for Australia next week
and Jason is also traveling a little, so please let us know ASAP if you need
something different.

Dr Timothy J Osborn
Climatic Research Unit
School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
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Professor Keith Briffa,
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