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date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 14:40:25 -0000
subject: Re: Fall out from Sub-group meeting
to: Mike Hulme <>

At 19:42 27/02/97 +0000, you wrote:
>At 10:47 27/02/97 -0000, you wrote:

>I am not confident about recommending Rosie to preach (and I guess she would
>say no anyway), but it's an interesting idea. She is a good speaker at
>small/medium groups (I had good feedback from her Coffee Plus talk
>yesterday). I think it best to stick to a morning 5 minute input, in which
>I will try to ask a couple of searching questions about how Christ crosses
>cultural differences and how her 5 years in Zimbabwe has altered her view of
>Christian Mission in the 1990s.
>1. Great - I'll leave you to fix that up with her.

>2. Without being worried, I do just want to check that you're going to
be OK after APCM. I know you've felt bruised, and I'm sure you need time to
get past that, but I don't want you to feel without a "place". As your
workload increases, you are going to need some times when you just sit back
and absorb, and I'm delighted if we can be that sort of place for you.
Nonetheless, what you are doing may well make you frustrated with the "World
church" issues, and I want you to feel an open permission from me to walk
into anything I/we are up to and tell us how we can do it better: I shan't
in the least feel "What's *he* doing here?". I'm also concerned not to lose
your gifts from the church and I take it that even busy people still need to
offer service of some kind, if they are to grow. I've booked to talk to you
in September, but I want to make sure we get there safely! I want to be
sure that Trinity will continue to be a place of nurture, growth and
challenge for you even the other side of Mission co-ordinator. If there is
anything I can do to assist that, please talk to me.
Alan Strange

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