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date: Mon Jun 17 17:22:14 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: FW: Hunstanton Coastguards Tower
to: "Simon Torok" <>

I agree - the idea sounds great.
Frank Jackson, founder and support of the Jackson Environment Institute, might be one - he
is from Suffolk. His relations with UEA have been frosty of course - but his Foundation
seeks local projects that engage with the public I think - and he made his money in
I would have thought too that such a good idea might be eligible for funding from some
national schemes promoting env. education and public engagement - but not sure what.
And of course the Queen has a residence not far from Hunstanton - Sandringham - and Prince
Charles is definitely rich, and has interests in both climate change and architecture.
Would have thought the right approach to him might bear fruit.
At 12:49 17/06/02 +0100, you wrote:

Dear Mike, Koen, Andrew and Larissa,
This interesting architect is keen to develop a coastguard tower into a climate change
public awareness centre (think Science Museum, Swaffham Ecotech Centre, etc). The tower
is up for sale as a private residence or other use.
She phoned the other day and the project sounds fascinating. I have put her in touch
with people at Norfolk Education and Ecotech, and offered advice, information, and
speakers once it is a reality. But do you have any contacts (such as a rich East Anglian
with interests in climate change and architecture!) who would be able to help get the
project off the ground?
Please reply to Sarah, copying me in.
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Hi Simon,
The following is from a flyer I am circulating, it contains the crucial info
on the project:
The former coastguard tower on the cliffs in Hunstanton has a lifetime of up
to fifty years before it falls into the sea due to erosion of the coastline.
The limited lifetime of the building and the threat it lives under from the
approaching cliff-edge has poetic parallels to the long-term threat to our
current lifestyles and ways of living from climate change. The threat to the
building makes us ask ourselves to what extent we need to adapt our current
lifestyles over these fifty years in order to create a sustainable future for
our communities.
I wish to convert the tower into a centre for awareness of climate change.
The conversion would allow public access to the tower, including to the
viewing level from where a stunning view of the coastline, sea and
countryside can be enjoyed. The conversion would make legible the approaching
erosion of the cliffs and would document the steps towards the eventual
demise of the building as it falls into the sea.
The conversion would be to a high architectural standard and would create a
building with a public profile to beneft the town of Hunstanton as a whole.
I am an architect, born and brought up in Norfolk. I trained in London and
have worked in London, New York and Munich. I currently teach architectural
and urban design at the Technical University in Berlin.
I am looking for financial support for the purchase and conversion of the
tower. I am looking for groups interested in public awareness of climate
change to finance and to run the centre.
Please contact: Sarah Riviere, MRIBA
AT: Eisenbahnstrasse 18, 10997 Berlin, Germany.
OR: Margaretta House, Clenchwarton, King�s Lynn, PE34 4BG.
TEL: 00 49 30 61073105 (Berlin)
FAX: 00 49 30 69518609

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