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date: Fri Feb 29 15:32:31 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: IPCC section in ENV report
to: "Rachel Warren" <>

I was the CLA (with Kevin Trenberth) on Ch 3 of the WG1 report.
The title of this was 'Observations: Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change'.
This was the largest chapter in WG1 at 101pp. With Ch 6 (Paleo, which Keith
Briffa was involved in) and Ch 9 (Understanding and Attribution, Nathan Gillett),
the three chapters were the most important of WG1.
The main piece of work that went into the Chapter was the global temperature
record (which the ENV report discussed last year). Ch 3 also referred to earlier
CRU work on precipitation data, extremes of climate and circulation measures.
IPCC seems to have always used the HadCRUT3 temperature record and many
people refer to it as the IPCC record. This is incorrect, As HadCRUT3 doesn't
differ much from the NCDC record in Asheville, NC we produced some plots
with HadCRUT3 and some with NCDC (National Climatic Data Center). We
produced the time series and they produce the spatial maps of trends.
I've been a CA on the 3 previous reports on the same basic chapter.
There was much CRU work referred to in Chs 6 and 9 as well, and CRU data
are referred to in Ch 11 as well.
Here's a little snippit that might be useful to add. WG1 has 11 chapters.
I have at least one of my papers (as first author) referred to be each chapter
except Ch 5. Mostly each chapter refers to between 1-6 papers,
although it is more for Ch 3 that I helped write.
I have just looked through Ch 5 and a paper of mine is there, but I'm not first author!
I am enjoying the experience more and more as I begin to slowly forget the
time and effort it all took. I would do it again, more likely as an RE, as then you
get some of the experience without all the effort. Seeing the volume come out
and going to the final plenary in Paris was good. The Nobel Peace Prize was
, however, the icing on the cake for all the effort.
I know many skeptics have referred to this award as a political gesture - but
this has always been the case.
I still have the lists of who was involved that I prepared for Jacquie, so I
could check through a Table if you're producing one.
At 21:26 28/02/2008, you wrote:

Dear fellow IPCC stars,
A reminder that I did ask for your contributions for the ENV report by
the end of February ...
and it is now IS the end of February! (Fortunately, as it is a leap
year, you have one extra day
to meet my deadline!)
Please send me you contributions asap.
Be assured that when we write about the Nobel we will make clear it
was for all reports
and if there is room I want to at least list the names of anyone not
in the 2007 report who is still
in ENV. And of course we will mention Bob Watson! But I'm not going to
contact those people and ask them for contributions - it's simply too
large a task to cover all the several IPCC reports and special IPCC
reports. If this raises particular problems then someone else will
need to volunteer to contact all those other people as I do not have
time. If you feel that a particular person deserves mention for past
reports, please include 1 sentence on what they did in what you send
me. It isn't going to be possible to mention everyone, so please only
do this if they made a really major contribution.
Best wishes
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From: Rachel Warren <>
Date: Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 3:03 PM
Subject: IPCC section in ENV report
To: Phil Jones <>, Neil Adger <>,
Irene Lorenzoni <>, Keith Briffa
<>, Sarah Raper <>, Tim Osborn
<>, Andrew Watkinson <>,, Johanna Wolf <>, Andrew Manning
<>, Nick Brooks <>,,,,
Dear All
ENV would like a 3 page section in its annual (2007) report about the
contribution of ENV to IPCC AR4.
I have been asked to coordinate this section with you all. If anyone
has up to date email addresses
for Nick Brooks, and David Viner, please forward this message on to them.
I understand that you are/were all in ENV in 2007 and that all
contributed to the IPCC AR4. If anyone included
on this list is not in ENV, or was not in ENV in 2007, please let me
know. (In particular I cannot find
Andrew Dlugolecki or Katherine Vincent on the ENV website).
For the section I need contributions from each of you. In particular I need:
(a) a PARAGRAPH from each of your explaining your contribution to IPCC AR4.
(b) comments on the overall experience (I may not be able to include
all of these)
(c) We also need a section on pieces of ENV research that were used in
the IPCC AR4
contributions. If you have any of these, please let me know.
Currently, ENV made
a request for an account from Phil Jones on how the annual surface
temperature record
is compiled and how it is used in IPCC. But if anyone else would like
to write something
for this section please let me know, it would be good be able to
choose the best pieces.
Please note that if I do not hear from anyone about their
contribution, I won't be able to make
sure it appears in the report, so this is your opportunity to be featured!
(Of course if on the other hand I am overwhelmed with text then obviously
not all can be included).
Please send me your contributions by the end of February at the latest.
FYI the 3 pages are to contain:
1. Diagram relating the different parts of the report (subject areas) to
ENV contributors.
2. Summary of what each person did.
3. A longer piece relating someone's personal experience of the whole
process (up to and including the final negotiation, if possible), and including
a timeline; and/or compiled comments from several persons on the experience.
4. One or two items about ENV contributors' research that
informs/contributes to their work on IPCC.
5. The Nobel ceremony (Bob Watson attended and has pictures).
Best wishes
Dr Rachel Warren
Senior Research Fellow
Tyndall Centre
Zuckermann Institute
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
Telephone 01603 593912
Fax 01603 593901
Dr Rachel Warren
Senior Research Fellow
Tyndall Centre
Zuckermann Institute
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
Telephone 01603 593912
Fax 01603 593901

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email

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