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date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:47:46 -0500 (EST)
from: g025 <>
subject: Theological Activities
to: "Acton, Professor Edward" <>, "Aidley, Dr. David" <>, "Akehurst, James" <>, "Andrews, Professor David" <>, "Anstey, Dr. Paddy" <>, "Aslin, Dr. Chris" <>, "Baker, Dr. David" <>, "Barber, The Revd. Garth" <>, "Belshaw, Deryk" <>, "Breathnach, Mairin" <>, "Casey, Dr. Jim" <>, "Chalk, Keith" <>, "Clark, Sophie" <>, "Cutter, Richard" <>, "Cutting, Heather" <>, "Dowsing, Dr. Roy" <r.dowsing@sys.uea>, "Dyer, Alison" <>, "Easton, John (& Jean)" <>, "Edwards, Peter" <>, "Elliott, Dr. Ralph" <>, "Elliott, Professor John" <>, "Evans, Dr. Tom" <>, "Evans, Rob" <>, "Everest, Dr. Graham" <>, "Gilbert, Judith" <>, "Glauert, Dr. John" <j.glauert@sys.uea>, "Gorringe, Peter" <>, "Grant, Dr. Alistair" <>, "Gray, John" <>, "Green, Debbie" <>, "Hall, Gillian" <>, "Havers, Janet" <>, "Haylock, Derek" <>, "Houssart, Marion" <>, "Howard, Melanie" <>, "Howard, Lynne" <>, "Hulme, Dr. MIke" <>, "Jones, Dr. Alan" <>, "Jones, Professor Stuart" <>, "Kenning, Dr. Marie-M" <>, "King, Sue" <>, "Lewis, Dr. Brian" <>, "Logan, Dr. Oliver" <>, "Malcolm, Chris" <>, "Marcantonio, Julia Mary" <>, "Marsh, Lyn" <>, "Page, Sue" <>, "Pedley, Kate" <>, "Penfold, David" <>, "Perowne, Naomi" <>, "Peterson, Steve" <>, "Pounds, Gabrina" <>, "Rashid, Steve" <>, "Rayward Smith, Professor Vic" <v.rayward-smith@sys.uea>, "Rose, Martin" <>, "Russell, Peter" <>, "Sanderson, Anne (& Michael)" <>, "Seeley, Sue" <>, "Summers, Jan" <>, "Tovey, Dr. K" <>, "Vaughan, Dr. Helen" <>, "Vine, Professor Fred" <>, "Watson, Bridget" <>, "Williamson, Anne" <>, "Winkler, Birgit" <>, "Woodhouse, Lisa" <>

Dear Member of the Christian Staff Group,
Please excuse another circular, it is the quickest
method of contacting all who may be interested with notices
of activities. (If this is the second copy I apologise but
I've had problems with the e-mail!)
1. The 'UEA Theological Forum' begins today, Monday
the 26th January, with a series of lunch time meetings.
This term there is a weekly series of eight
sessions entitled 'Reading the Bible with New Eyes' given
by Roy Robinson the URC Chaplain. In the Summer Term there
will be a further four sessions in the area of Science and
Faith led by myself and Peter Richmond. These will be at
1.05 - 1.55 pm in the Meeting Room of the Chaplaincy. We
are also advertising the 'Christians in Development'
seminars which meet in DEV 1.81, mainly on Wednesdays at
17.45. If you are interested in those please contact
Professor Deryk Belshaw on extension 2338. Programs of
the entire series are available from me in the Chaplaincy.
2. If I may remind you that there is a lunchtime RC
Mass on Wednesdays and an Anglican Eucharist on Thursdays,
both welcome all staff and students, at 1.05pm in the
Chaplaincy Quiet Room.
3. Watch this space for the first of the new
Christian Staff Group activities once the Theological
Forum is up and running. If I have not yet met you
please e-mail me and we perhaps can have lunch together
God Bless,
Yours Garth Barber,
UEA Anglican Chaplain

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