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date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:57:53 +0000
from: "Folland, Chris" <>

Dear Keith

John Houghton is writing a review chapter on Global Warming for Reviews in Physics. He has
asked me to help with the observed climate change section soon. He currently has the Mann
(1999) curve in his draft just like IPCC 2001 without reference to the von Storch et al
paper which of course Simon Tett was an author and which looks convincing to me in deducing
that variance is underestimated in Mann (1999). The Mann and Jones paper is more recent and
has longer time series series but has the same perceived problems. How is your IPCC
chapter dealing with this? What do you think is John Houghton's best approach to the
pre-instrumental period back to 1000 or 200AD for hemispheric/global temperature?

Any help/advice would be most gratefully received

Best wishes


Professor Chris Folland

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