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date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:39:39 +0100
from: "M Hulme" <>
subject: FW: Hadley Data
to: "'Phil Jones'" <>


Any thoughts as to how/whether I should reply to this? Sounds like things have escalated.


From: Bernie Cullen []
Sent: 11 August 2009 22:50
Subject: Hadley Data


Your comments on Roger Pielke's blog a few weeks ago indicated that you are reasonable guy
and are interested in constructive discussions. As you are probably aware there is a new
effort to try to get access to the HadCRUT data set (see
[1] ) .

Clearly there are some very different characters frequenting Steve McIntyre's site - some
of whom I would certainly not invite for a drink. But Steve McIntyre and most of those who
add substantive comments certainly appear to me to be reasonably objective, genuinely
intrigued by the climate puzzles and have demonstrated some ingenuity and statistical
insight in analyzing a number of significant climate papers.

Given your interest in building a more constructive approach to climate research and
policy, it might be helpful to see what you can do to resolve this impasse. I would bet
that some direct contact with Steve might lead to a more constructive solution. The data
access and code issue seems to be at a tipping point and I am afraid that many may be
unfairly embarrassed if the issue is forced even further onto the front pages of the

I will not in anyway make public any parts of this conversation, should you be kind enough
to respond.

I have just retired, but you can check me out at the web-site below.

Best wishes

Bernie Cullen

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