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date: Mon, 16 May 2005 15:23:45 +0200
from: Val�rie Masson-Delmotte <>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-ch06] IPCC FOD : Holocene section
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Dear all,

Please find attached a new sketch for the FOD section on the Holocene -
it has to be finalised before June 15th, and figures must be finished
before June 1st (you can see the tracked changes from the ZOD version).

I have modified the structure to include the modelling part (incl. text
from Chapter 9), the suggestions by the reviewers, and something about
interannual variability from the previous last section of the ZOD. I
need to reprocess all the text + references, modify the labelling of the
sections (new structure of the chapter). The references are not totally
inside the attached Endnote database but most of them are already.

I have several requests for many of you :

- Fortunat : you kindly offered to provide me with a xmgr figure showing
the Holocene GHG evolution, so ... this will be fine.
- Dick : can you update the description of ice sheet evolution during
the early Holocene (e.g. precise volume of ice caps at 10k, 8k, 6k,
dates of disappearance of Laurentide and Fennoscandia)
- Bettie : can you go through the modelling part (especially what I
called : what do we learn from equlibrium simulations) and improve it +
provide the table
- Eystein, Stefan : where does the 8.2 event go? In the previous section
on glacial interglacial time scale + rapid events or in the Holocene
section on rapid events?
- Dominik : can you please have a look at this terrible draft and
contact me to discuss the tropical precip figure + text ?
- Daniel, Ricardo, Ramesh, Peck : can you please send me what you think
are the most relevant data to illustrate the abrupt changes in tropical
precip (data + location of records latitude, longitude + references, if
possible in Endnote format on a separated file if you already have it)
- Peck : can you ask Julie to have a look at the last section (ENSO) and
update the refs to coral works?
- Sandy : can you have a look at the biome sections (introduction + warm
early Holocene +�equilibrum runs sections) and improve them?

The total (text + figures) should be about the right length after
rewriting, I think.

If you rewrite some of the text can you please send it in a separate
word file (not correct this version?)




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