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date: Sat Nov 10 16:00:10 2001
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: min/max trends, conf

I am happy to give a keynote talk - the context of climate change and something about what
Tyndall is doing? Our new UKCIP02 climate scenarios will be out by then.
At 09:41 08/11/01 +0000, you wrote:

This is for the HadCM3 data for SE and SW England. It has been
suggested that this is due to the solar model and we are
investigating. David can send the graphs if you want. Ben Brabson
also picked this up with his GEV modelling. There is also this trend
on Heathrow data for the last 30 years but there may well be heat
island effects here.
I agree, it is against the general climate trend of rising tmin and
stationary tmax.
David Lister and David Chow will have the analyses for CET but the
trend is not nearly so marked, if present, from memory.
At our conf in April I do not expect Schellnhuber to come, although
I've asked for confirmation by Feb. Could you give a keynote in his
place or do you want Brian L to do it? David Fisk, Max Fordham
Pres CIBSE, and Dave Easterling will be other keynote speakers
with some words from CIB Sec General Wim Bakens.
Date sent: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 18:12:54 +0000
From: Mike Hulme <>
Subject: min/max trends
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> Geoff,
> I was curious to see in your recent Q report for Tyndall that you've
> identified larger warming trends in Tmax than in Tmin for the sites
> you're looking at. This runs against my perception of what has been
> happening to the CET series.
> Am I wrong? Are there different factors at work?
> Mike
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