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date: Fri Jun 14 15:41:15 1996
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: message from Vaganov
to: Eugene Vaganov <>

At 13:43 14/06/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Keith
> With documents all is o'key. Stepan reserved
>the tickets already:
>Moscow-London 19 July fligth SU-245 at 20:10
>London-Moscow 1 August flight SU-244 at 9:00
> Until now I didn't make a final decision about
>my visit (sorry), but if it occurs I cannot stay
>so long as Stepan (maybe one week).
> The time is coming rapidly, and only 1,5 month
>we have before the Taymir expedition (you know
>that middle of August is the best time to collect
>subfossil samples because the low water level and
>warm enough). So, we need in project finance
>support to do the expedition. Mukhtar now works
>in our lab and got the intermediate results in
>form of flooding chronologies. Fritz has an agreement
>with SWiss radicarbon lab to date 20 samples. We
>now are preparing this samples to transfer to
>Fritz with my young colleques who go on dendro-
>chronological fieldweek.

I have organised for the first lot of EC money to be sent to
the U.S. bank as you requested. About 6,500 ECU - equivelent in U.S.
dollars should reach the bank within a week. Then after another week
the next 3,500 ECU payment will be sent. I can only pay the equivelent
of 40% of the total 25000 ECU now because this is all the EC have sent
for the first payment. You will get the rest as the payments are made
to us. I am sorry but my administration will not pay more than we have.
I am also sending the money similarly to Stepan. Both lots are going
as you detailed in your earlier messages i.e. to the accounts you described.
If there is any problem with this plan let me know straight away. I expect
the first payment to be in the banks in dollars (perhaps with some conversion
reduction?) in about a week. I will keep you informed.
very best wishes
p.s. as yet I have had an acknowledgement but nothing more from COPERNICUS

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