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date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 09:33:39 +0100
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subject: Re: UK Energy Research Centre CONFIDENTIAL
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Dear Catherine,

I was delighted to hear of your success in the ESRC competition. Well done - that is
excellent - good for MGT & for UEA.

Given our particular mix at UEA, we did not see ourselves leading up a bid, but are
anticipating some involvement via the Tyndall Centre - hence I am cc'ing this to Mike Hulme
who is the Exec Director of TYN. Mike- anyone going to the 2 May meeting? (CCR is something
which would enhance UEA's involvemnt in the national bid- Catherine has done much work with
energy companies - starting off at Warwick before she came to UEA a couple of years ago).

Yes- looks like Powergen have an upper limit of 150K for the survey - Rob is going down

CONFIDENTIAL- CRed now has an "Alliance" with Powergen & we have been talking with them &
the City about a long-term plan for energy. The first step is the installation of 3 x 1.5
MW turbines- 2 on the Campus & one at Harford Bridge (where the Cambridge/London railway
lines intersect). Powergen definitely want to do this & will be recommending it to their
Board at the end of May & want to apply for planning in June. I am about to get together
main players in the City/County etc to develop a strategy before we go public after Easter.
Later plans may include a large biomass plant in the middle of Norwich. PLEASE DO NOT


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Subject: RE: UK Energy Research Centre

Dear Trevor

I wondered whether you would have any interest in this. As you may have heard, we have
been successful in our bid to the ESRC for Centre funding for the Centre for Competition
and Regulation, so it seems greedy to go for too much else so soon, not to mention the
danger of biting off more than we can chew. But if our success or my background
contribution would help any case you would want to make, I hope we could help and I'd be
glad to talk it over with you when I get back at the end of this month.

Should UEA be represented at the 2nd May meeting? I might be able to go, but since I
only get back that week it could be difficult, and if ENV is interested it's probably
best to send someone from your School who could contribute 'across the piece'.

I have also just replied to an ESRC consultation on the future of social science
research in energy - obviously all part of the same programme.

I gather from Ivan that Powergen are interested in the proposal we made to them but want
to cut the cost down. For my part I would rather retain good data (or at least a
substantial say in the questionnaire so it will be useful for research) than necessarily
defend the full payments for my time - data are even harder to get hold of than money,
though both are of course welcome.

I'll respond to Rodney in rather vaguer terms about this, but wanted to let you know
where I stood on this and potential Powergen changes.

Hope all is well and you will get a good break over Easter

best wishes


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Subject: UK Energy Research Centre

Dear Catherine,

Please note I have moved away from hotmail and am using an aol address
until we get the Sohn Associates website up and running. I start trading
with the new venture on the 1st May, so not long now before I "retire"
from Powergen.

I hope you are enjoying the remainder of your stay in the US.

In case you are unaware of developments, I am writing to bring to your
attention the opportunity for UEA to bid to establish the UK Energy
Centre, as-described in the Energy Policy White Paper.

The Natural Environment Research Council have published information on
the process for establishing the Research Centre, and there is a meeting
on the 2nd May for which interested parties can register.

I thought that this may be of interest to UEA due to the reputation of
the University in energy-related and environment-related studies. I
would imagine that the winning bid will be led by a University, and
probably in collaboration with others. My thoughts are that Sohn
Associates, my new venture would be a suitable party to support a bid,
as we can offer the views of the Utilities in the Centre. Also we at
Sohn have some good, senior-management contacts in the Utilities, so we
may be able to attract funding and other involvement in the

I have copied Prof. Trevor Davies into this e-mail. I had noted Prof.
Davies' name on a list of Renewables Stakeholder Group addresses which I
received in the course of interest in the recent EEDA invitation to
tender to build a renewables operating plan for Eastern England.

Further details of the Opportunity to submit Expressions of Interest in
the Energy Research Centre are available at the following url:


A list of those currently registered for the meeting (including me!) can
be seen at:




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