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East Anglian Daily Times 3.3.08
P22 New laws needed to save Amazon species
Protected forest strips buffering rivers and sreams of the Amazon rainforest should be
significantly wider than currently according to new research by scientists at the UEA. Dr
Carlos Peres (ENV) is quoted.
East Anglian Daily Times 3.3.08
P23 New UEA study will analyse flood risk.
Rainfall in the UK became more intense during the past 100 years according to new research
at the UEA.
East Anglian Daily Times 3.3.08
P23 Nitrous Oxide Group
Farmers, food suppliers, policy makers, business leaders and environmentalists are joining
forces to confront the threat of the `forgotten greenhouse gas' nitrous oxide by taking
part in a new forum co-ordinated by Prof David Richardson (SCI) of the UEA who is quoted.
Evening News 3.3.08
P11 City Hall is preparing for its darkest hour
Norwich has become the first UK city to sign up to a worldwide initiative to switch off
lights to raise awareness about global warming on March 29 as part of Earth Hour 2008.
Norwich City Council have agreed to work with CRed at the UEA to try and involve other
Marcus Armes is quoted.
Evening News 3.3.08
P14 Hospital averts a maternity crisis
Sufficient midwives have been recruited to work at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital because
many due to retire. Eleven graduate midwives have been recruited from the UEA.
EDP 3.3.08
P20 Loft ideals for an insulation project
Reepham is one of the highest polluting towns in the UK in term of emission of carbon
dioxide according to a survey carried out by CRed at the UEA and the Energy Saving Trust.
The Observer 2.3.08
P11 Business & Media - Prince of pension buyouts
Profile of Mark's Wood, founder and chief executive of Paternoster, studied at the UEA.
The Observer 2.3.08
P7 Review - Ask the experts
Prof Rebecca Stott (LIT) is one of three authors answering questions about books.
Sunday Telegrah 2.3.08
P26 A day to savour the rewards of motherhood
Article about Mother's Day which includes mention of the recent study from the UEA that
indicates a third of professional women lose out on career advancement once they have
Mail on Sunday 2.3.08
P61/63 What I've learn from being in the system is that there's a seed of mental illness in
Interview with author Clare Allan, who studied creative writing at the UEA.
The Independent 1.3.08
P2 Proof that we are not taking climate change seriously
Article that mentions a study by the Tyndall Centre on greenhouse gas targets.
EDP 1.3.08
P17 UEA graduate to Radio 1 - in a day
Interview with Greg James, who graduated from the UEA last year, and is now working at for
Radio 1.
EDP 1.3.08
P40 Now it's all systems go for `carbon calculator'
Farm accounts will change next week when important calculations will be based around
greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration via a new web-based calculator. The
article quotes Mark Little of the Norwich office of Savills agribusiness who it mentions
instigated discussions with the UEA and took the lead in the launch of CRed.
EDP 1.3.08
EDP Saturday, P10
Baxter to the future
Interview with singer-songwriter Tom Baxter who recollects seeing the Stray Cats at the
EDP 1.3.08
P20 EDP Sunday, Social Diary
Photographs of the electro-pop band Hot Chip's gig at the UEA.
The Guardian 1.3.08
P16 Review - Me, myself and I
Review of Submarine by Joe Dunthorne who studied creative writing at the UEA.
Daily Mail 1.3.08
P25 Review - How Hitler invaded Wales
Review of Owen Sheers' latest novel. He studied at the UEA.
BBC Look East 29.2.08
Dr Keith Tovey (ENV) interviewed about the effect of the Bacton gas terminal fire on gas
Headlines 03.03.08
Newspaper headlines (and online links where possible)
First class news (The Guardian Graduate 01.03.08 p. 22)
The lazy student's guide (The Sunday Express 02.03.08 p. 20)
Plans for 20 new university towns (The Observer 02.03.08 p. 10)
You can tell a great university by the companies it keeps (The Observer 02.03.08 p. 35)
A market higher education has to create, then supply (The FT Letters 03.03.08 p. 10)
Plans for more towns to have a university (The Daily Telegraph 03.03.08 p. 12)
University students offered 'earn as you learn' scheme (The Independent 03.03.08 p. 4)
Oxford's finest are offered financial lure to work in tough urban schools (The Times
03.03.08 p. 28)
'University challenge' for 20 new campuses (The Times 03.03.08 p. 27)
Additional online stories
Blowing the whistle on the REF!
Plans for 20 new university towns
Vote may end Cambridge's self-rule
Royal Society turns to venture capitalism
Denham sets out vision for HE global dominance
UCU warned to 'think again' over pay bargaining
Sector Releases
A new 'university challenge' (DIUS 03.03.08) [18]

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