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date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 18:22:00 +0700 (KRAT)
subject: Meeting report
to: "Tom Melvin" <>

Dear Tom,

I am sending draft workshop's report for PAGES (By preparation I have used
a one page for WEB, and Keith words).
If we will send this one to PAGES before February, 16, this report could
be published in next issue of PAGES newspaper (or a bid latter).
Could Keith with you correct this one? And, probably you will have another
opinion about picture (Our workshop photo could be changed by 'hockey
stick' or something else).
Tom, paper about our workshop have been published in the Krasnoyarsk
newspaper "City News (Gorodskie novosti)" by Tat'yana Kuznetsova (Issue
11, February, 3, 2006). This paper is called as "Climate is going to be
crazy". Author quoted to Keith as CRU deputy director(about Global
warming, "Hockey Stick" and last climate changes), me (about the workshop
and increasing of catastrophic climate events) and Olga Solomina (about
Kioto protocol) (I will ask Nata about full translation of this).

Waiting for your answer.

Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\Meeting_report_PAGES.doc"

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