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date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 15:17:06 -0400
from: Dave Bader <>
subject: US Dept of Energy grant


(This is a follow up to our conversation in Asheville. The following
is a form letter that contains all of the relevant information. Please
let me know if you have any questions. Dave Bader

As part of the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Global Change
research program evolution, we plan to integrate the research
activities related to climate modeling and climate data analysis
into a single program focused on improving decade to century
climate prediction.

This new program will have several complementary pieces, one of
which will be a competitive research grant component. We currently are
soliciting grant applications through a Federal Register announcement.
You can access the announcement through the DOE WWW site, using the
information appended to this message.

As we implement this system for grants, which has been used for
the last several years in all new programs developed by the
Environmental Sciences Division, existing projects will not be
automatically renewed. Specifically, this means that your
project will not be renewed past its planned expiration date unless a
new application is received in response to the announcement and is
successful in the competition.

Please feel free to call me should you have any questions.


Dave Bader for

Patrick Crowley and Wanda Ferrell,
Climate Change Prediction Program Managers


DOE Climate Change Prediction Program Grant Announcement
(Follow-on to the CHAMMP, Climate modeling and Climate Data

The request for grant applications has been completed and
was published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, May 27, 1997.

The announcement also appears on the DOE Office of Energy Research
Grants WWW site.

Additional information about the DOE Global Change and Climate Research
Programs can be found on the DOE/OHER/ESD WWW site:

Also, appended below is the address to obtain the appropriate forms and
information needed to submit a grant application. Please look this
information over carefully before submitting an application.

Dave Bader

for Patrick Crowley and Wanda Ferrell, DOE CCPP Program Managers

ER's Grants and Contracts Division (ER-64) has created a
web site so that potential grant applicants could access the ER Grant
Application Guide without requesting a paper copy via mail or phone.
Also, ER's grant solicitation notices (about 15 per year) contain
our web site address for easy access to the Guide.

Please be mindful that the web is a very important tool to make the
latest information available to our customers. Grant and contract
procedures change frequently. With the web, our customers have immediate
access to this new information while paper copies could become outdated
very quickly. Also, a new section at the beginning of the Guide
summarizes any significant changes so that a user who had viewed or
printed the Guide earlier may know immediately what changes were made
since they last viewed or printed it.

Your cooperation is appreciated. The ER Grants and Contracts Web Site
address is

(The information above was adapted from a letter sent by
John A. Alleva, Director, Grants and Contracts Division,
Office of Energy Research(ER) April, 1997, to ER program offices.)

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