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date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:53:53 +0100
from: Nick Brooks <>
subject: Piers Corbin on R4
to: cru.all@uea,tyn.all@uea

This is a Piers alert; he's just been on Radio 4 on a programme called "The
Long View", about storms and floods, comparing present concerns about these
events with people's perceptions of storms in the past. The programme is
tonight at 9:30 pm.

I was listening on the web, which was a bit quiet and flaky, but from what I
heard he was doing his usual thing of saying that there isn't a climate change
trend, and that climate variations are due to solar variability. He
suggested that
the notion that potentially climate-change related events today are
associated with
CO2 is analogous to past perceptions that climate extremes were a result of
the wrath
of God - in both cases the explanation is due to our need to blame
ourselves. There
was someone on to point out that climate "skeptics" are in the minority.
The good old
Beeb seem to be doing their duty in ensuring that every view is balanced by
an opposing
view in the interests of fair reporting (could make for interesting
programmes on infanticide
and racism...).


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