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This is relevant to quantifying the UEA contribution to IPCC.
NCAR contributed a lot to the AR4, but very little to IPCC90.
In the back they list people by country and with organization
identified. Only 4 NCARs -- Firor, Dickinson, Schneider, Trenberth.

But it is important to weight contributions. Clearly, contributing author
is much less than (e.g.) lead author.


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Wonderful. I have done no more than think of how many points
to give for the various contributions. My spread is less ...

Contributing: 1
Lead: 4
Convening: 10
Editor: 10
Chair: 25

Note that there are other IPCC reports than just the big WG reports.
One would need to use a diff. point system for these. For example, in
Harvey et al., 1997, the editors did nothing.

I didn't try to figure out my contribution -- I just guessed it at about
1/2000. If Ben told you Mike Wehner's remark, this would allow
me to have a parking spot at Berkeley, but only if I rode a unicycle.

I'll be at PCMDI on Dec. 6. Ben thought we might have a Nobel
(or no bull) celebratory dinner on the 5th.



Karl Taylor wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Ben told me you were attempting to determine how to divide the prize
> money. Here's my quick go at it:
> Assume a contributing author gets 1 share, a lead author 10 shares, a
> convening lead author 50 shares, a working group chair 500 shares, and
> the IPCC chair 10,000 shares. Taking into account that there have been
> 4 assessment reports by each of the 3 working groups, and assuming 1
> IPCC chair, and for each working group 2 chairs, 20 convening lead
> authors, 100 lead authors, and 300 contributing authors, this yields a
> total of 80,000 shares. My share (1 lead authorship, and ~10
> contributing authorships) gives me 20 shares or about 1/4000 of the
> total. Al gets half the $1.5 million prize; we share the other half,
> so I get 20 shares x $750,000/(80000 shares) = $187.50. Guess I can
> now retire comfortably.
> It is nice to know that as scientists we've made some difference.
> Hope all is well with you.
> Best wishes,
> Karl


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