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date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 16:41:23 -0000
from: "Lockwood, M (Mike)" <>
subject: RE: Climate trends and variability nonsense
to: "Phil Jones" <>

I know - I teach 2 courses during semester 2 at Southampton so right now
I'm in the relatively free phase (doesn't feel like that tho'!) and
will be inundated from Feb onwards

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Subject: Re: Climate trends and variability nonsense

Will try and respond soon, but time quite limited this week.
Problem of working in a Uni and being away last week.


At 14:55 03/12/2007, you wrote:
> Phil
>A few bits of very light very easy bedtime reading for you
>Firstly, The Royal Society publishing folk were quite shocked to find
>out - to use your phrase - what its like to publish on climate change
>nowadays. So they invited me to write an editorial. The file
>Lockwood_comment.doc contains a first stab at this. In it I think that
>I've borrowed the above phrase already. Any comments are most welcome -

>but I did wonder if anything you've had to deal with could/should be
>added and I'd be happy to share co-authorship. Have a think about it.
>They are also going to let me use the attached "Paper 2" and "Paper 3"
>as a way of countering some of the blogosphere nonsense that has
>appeared - particularly from Svensmark and from a pressure group in the

>US. Paper 2 mainly deals with a solar issue but paper 3 may be of
>greater interest to you. I'll attach them to the next two messages.
>Again comments are most welcome.

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