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subject: [nerc-atmos] Ice Sheet and Sea Level Rise Scoping Study
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Ice Sheet and Sea Level Rise Scoping Study

In support of the delivery of the NERC Strategy, in particular the Earth System Science, Climate System and Natural Hazards themes, a scoping study has been commissioned to put forwards a series of options for a research programme that will improve our understanding of the stability of ice sheets and to narrow uncertainties in the projection of the ice sheet component of sea level rise for the forthcoming decades and centuries, and by extension the impact of changes in the volume of ice sheets on sea level. The scoping study is intended to provide the NERC Theme Leaders with the information they need to put forwards a proposed activity that meets NERC's strategic priorities.

Professor Liz Morris has been appointed to undertake the scoping study, which aims to report at the end of February 2009. Your inputs to the study would be welcomed. Please contact Liz on


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