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subject: Another paper of lecture given at the 2008 Moorea Conference
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Hi everyone,

Following up from Warren's email, I've attached a copy of our paper that Janice Lough so kindly presented at the conference in Moorea earlier this year. The paper has just been published in Nature Geoscience and I thought that it might be a good idea to email it around as I'm not sure homw institutions are signed up for the new Nature Geoscience journal.


Nerilie Abram

Palaeoclimatologist (ice cores)
British Antarctic Survey
Natural Environment Research Council
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Subject: Fwd: GRL paper of lecture given at the 2008 Moorea Conference

Dear Colleague,

Zhengyu Liu and I just had our "solar- ENSO" paper published in GRL this month.

It shows that the 11-year period solar radiative forcing during the 20th Century not only drove the
11-year period QDO signal in tropical Pacific sea surface temperature variability, but the 3.6- year period ENSO signal
and the 2.2-yr period QBO signal as well, the latter two signals driven by non-linear processes, together accounting for
51% of the variance in the Nino-3 SST index from 1900-2005.

We owe this paper to Joanna Haigh, who spurring us on after she sent me an e-mail questioning
the recent work of Jerry Meehl and Harry van Loon. This paper explains an apparent discrepancy; that is,
why El Nino and La Nina are both phase locked to the 11-year period solar cycle as Jerry and Harry observed.
In this paper, the the 3.6- year period ENSO signal and the 2.2-yr period QBO signal are the third and fifth odd
harmonics of the first harmonic 11-yr period QDO response to 11-yr period solar forcing, each of these signals
already shown to obey the same delayed action/recharge oscillator in tropical Pacific coupled ocean-atmosphere system.

Cheers, Warren

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