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date: Mon Aug 4 09:07:04 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: last news + PDF
to: Edouard Bard <>

Thanks for the reprint - awful as it is. Enjoy the time in Noumea
and try and forget about it. I also hope that the paper supposedly
submitted to J. Climate gets a better review than this - I'm sure it will!
I can't see how they get the results they do for minimum temperature.
DTR has reduced a little, but the long-term trends would be similar to
mean temperature. It is amazing that they can't understand that the
trends should be similar to SSTs on long timescales.
At 02:16 30/07/2008, you wrote:

Dear Phil,
Le Mou�l & Courtillot just published a paper described their results
in the proceedings of the French Academy of Sciences (attached PDF in
which you get criticized on page 3). This is basically what Le Mou�l
described in his lecture available in video. Not much details about
the stats, because they refer to another paper submitted to Journal of
Climate. The first paper didn't get seriously reviewed as it was
edited by Claude Jaupart, former director of IPGP and close friend of
Courtillot & Le Mou�l. I hope that the paper submitted to Journal of
Climate will be reviewed by serious and competent referees (no more
but no less than it deserves).
Best wishes, Edouard
P.S.: I send this message from Noumea in French Caledonia where I
collaborate with coral reef and oceanography experts. I will also give
a few lectures and organize a one-day workshop on sea level changes.

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