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date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 15:08:35 +0100
from: Rob Allan <>
subject: ACRE Data and Data Visualisation meeting in September
to: Andrew Lorrey <>, Maria Ant�nia Valente <>, Amy Luers <>, Antonio S. Cofi�o <>, "Albert (KNMI)" <>, "Dr. Ingeborg Auer" <>, Philip Brohan <>, Br�nnimann Stefan <>, Manola Brunet <>, "Brandsma, Theo (KNMI)" <>, Penny Brook <>, "Buontempo, Carlo" <>, "Wilkinson Clive Dr (ENV)" <>, Catharine Ward <>, Gil Compo <>, Gil Compo <>,, Rick Crouthamel <>, "" <>, Dennis Wheeler <>, Scott D Woodruff <>, Howard Diamond <>, Daniel Pauly <>, Deborah Hemming <>, Ed Geary <>, Ed Parsons <>,, Edward Hanna <>, Joelle Gergis <>, Joelle Gergis <>, Ricardo Garcia Herrera <>, H Kontongomde <>, Inika Taylor <>, Phil Jones <>, sylvie jourdain <>, Martin Juckes <>, Juerg Luterbacher <>, Lisa Alexander <>, michele <>, Maurizio Maugeri <>, "Saunby, Michael" <>, Catherine Marzin <>, Alexia Massacand <>, "Nicholson, Alex" <>,,, �yvind Nordli <>, Omar Baddour <>, Philip Woodworth <>, Roger Stone <>, "Parker, David" <>, Russell Vose <>, Tom Ross <>, "f. williamson" <>, "Wang,Xiaolan [Ontario]" <>, Pascal Yiou <>,,,, Serhat Sensoy <>, Mariano Barriendos <>,, Chris Lintott <>,,,,

Dear All,
I've contacted some of you about looking to hold an ACRE
Data and Data Visualisation meeting at the Met Office in September
this year. This would build on a smaller planning meeting on this
topic held in Bologna in May, which some of you attended. I'm very
keen to get a good mix of climate scientists plus those from
libraries, archives and museums, and in the IT side of visualisation
of weather and climate data.

There will be about �10-12K available towards the cost of
this meeting, though I had hoped for more, so I'm going to have to
make sure that it is carefully used. This will probably mean that
I'll have to look at funding primarily travel costs for those
attendees that need them.

After some juggling of dates, and given that we should
move on this now, I'm planning to have the meeting at the Met Office
in Exeter in the UK from the 14th to the 16th of September.

If you have haven't already, could you let me know of your
availability for this meeting and the level of travel support that
would be required. If more funds were to surface before the meeting
kicks off, I'd look to see if I could support more aspects of
attendees accommodation and sustenance.

Cheers, Rob.
Dr Rob Allan,
ACRE Project Manager,
Climate Monitoring and Attribution Group,
Met Office Hadley Centre.
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Phone: +44 (0)1392 886904
Mobile: +44 (0)7545 142536
Fax: +44 (0)1392 885681
International phone: +44 1392 886552
Address: Met Office
FitzRoy Road
United Kingdom.

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