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date: Wed Oct 15 13:13:23 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: FW: GCOS report
to: <>

I've added these numbers in. I've also sent the forms back to
you - so they should be with you tomorrow.
When you see David you could suggest producing report
like the Swiss one for the UK. As and when copies got around, we
would likely find out more of what is going on in the UK that is
relevant to GCOS.
I still need to read through the report once more. I also need
to check that I have reformatted the text OK. I hope to do this
later today or first thing tomorrow.
I will be able to make modifications over the weekend if you
or Paul send me anything - and get a final version to you on Monday
before leaving about lunch time.
At 18:24 14/10/2008, David Meldrum wrote:

Hi Jo:
Apols, on the road - with Jon in fact, in Cape Town. The stats are:
1. 2 Arctic platforms
2. 10 Arctic platforms
3. 2
4. 2
Hope this helps.
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>>> "Thorpe, Jo (CEOSA)" <> 10/14/08 12:16 PM >>>
Hi David,

I tried to give you a ring this morning, but you weren't in.

I'm just writing to ask if you received the e-mail from Jon Turton
(attached below for you information) last week, and whether you would be
able to provide us with this information today? It would be a great help
if you could, as we need to get the report finalised as soon as

Best wishes,


From: Turton, Jon [[2]]
Sent: 08 October 2008 17:17
To: David Meldrum
Cc: Phil Jones; Thorpe, Jo (CEOSA)
Subject: RE: GCOS report

Hi David,

Can I ask that you provide some input on SAMS difters to go into this
UNFCCC report for Defra. Specifically for drifting buoys operated by

1. number of platforms presently operating
2. number expected to be operating in 2010
3. number providing data to the intl data centres
4. number of platforms with complete historical record available in intl
data centres

For 3 this would include those on GTS where data gets picked up by NOAA
and -> ICOADS
For 4 it may be all those for which data goes to GTS and any others that
get submitted by SAMS in delayed-mode.

If possible could you get numbers to Jo and Phil by the end of the week.

If you could reply directly to Jo and Phil that would be appreciated.



From: Turton, Jon
Sent: 08 October 2008 17:02
To: 'Thorpe, Jo (CEOSA)'
Cc: Phil Jones
Subject: RE: GCOS report
Jo, Phil,

I have made various changes that I feel reasonably confident about, see
attached with additional tracked changes.

I'll pass on to our land observing people to review the surface
land/radiation aspects that I am less familiar with. I'll also ask
David Meldrum at SAMS to reply on the numbers of SAMS drifters. He will
know and will be putting this info together for the WMO-IOC DBCP just
now anyway.

best regards


From: Thorpe, Jo (CEOSA) [[3]]
Sent: 07 October 2008 11:21
To: Turton, Jon
Cc: Phil Jones
Subject: GCOS report
Dear Jon,
Apologies for having to bother you about the GCOS report again.
As you know, we've been having trouble finalising it (unfortunately the
Met Office Govt Services informed us last week that they couldn't help),
but Phil Jones has kindly offered to help us out. We're therefore
working with Phil to obtain the last few contributions needed and
re-format the document according to the guidelines.
In this regard, I'd be very grateful if you could look through the
entries that the Met Office is responsible for (particularly in the
atmospheric variables tables) and:
1. Fill in any gaps marked with a **?** with a number (even if it's
2. Confirm that any numbers given as x + y + z can be consolidated
into a single number (the GCOS secretariat ultimately needs single
numbers in each cell of the tables, so I need to confirm that those
given in the tables now can simply be summed to get the total).
Any information that you can supply in response to the other
questions/requirements marked in yellow in the document would also be
much appreciated.
It would be a great help if you could modify the document using track
changes and return it to Phil and I by the end of the week.
Many thanks again for your help with this,
<<20081001_UK GCOS report for Defra pjm (2).doc>>
Joanna Thorpe
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