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cc: s.gerrard@uea,j.darch@uea
date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 18:11:08 +0000
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: presentation request - IMPORTANT
to: Mike Hulme <>



TSUNAMI consortium 100K
SYNERGY - I'm sure we can quote this as an example of support in the
env/clim change area. It involves support from AMEC Process & Engineering,
Kvaerner Oil, BP Amoco - Simon can give you ball-park figs (Please Simon).
JACKSON FOUNDATION (from Jackson Engineering) (I think we can say that 30%
of this will be in the general climate change area) - this will amount to
800K (for climate) over the next 5 years)
FUJI Corporation (this is "pledged" - no contract yet - but I hope will
amount to at least 1000K over 5 years).

Ask Janice to have quick run through our list to give to a value - don't
forget Jean's EC and Powergen wind energy work.

t 09:29 16/03/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Colleague,
>The presentation to the Panel is next Wednesday and the agreed team to
>represent the Tyndall bid will be myself, plus Brian Launder and Tim
>O'Riordan. This gives us good balance across the three R.Council's, if not
>quite such good balance geographically, but we feel that this is the best
>combination to pursuade the R.Council's (who are the funders after all) of
>our strengths and to counter particular Panel members.
>I have two questions for you all ......
>On pp.85-86 of the proposal we have a Table with a representative selection
>of current projects related to the Tyndall agenda. In order to have more
>specific information available to me in case of questioning about
>complementary funding, I would like you to provide me with the following
>additional information .....
>1. Are there additional funding bodies/sources which are *currently*
>funding your research that relates to the Tyndall agenda? The list we
>currently have in the representative Table is this, but I'm sure there are
>British Academy
>CEC DG-Research
>CEC DG-Energy
>CEC DG-Environment
>Halifax Insurance
>MacArthur Foundation
>Hadley Centre
>[I realise there is a grey area concerning which of your current research
>is or is not related to the Tyndall agenda, but please use your judgement
>This will allow me to have a slide made up showing the diversity of our
>current climate change funders.
>2. In order to be able to quote a ball-park figure of how much money all
>this research consumes, can you also give me a global figure (to the
>nearest �10k) of the value of your *current* research grants/contracts that
>again relate to the Tyndall agenda.
>Since there is this grey area about what counts and what does not, you
>might like to give me two figures - an amount relating *directly* to core
>Tyndall research and an amount relating less directly, but still relevant.
>I can then have a figure to quote to the Panel, e.g. �5 million or �10
>million or whatever, and use this to demonstrate our capability to generate
>complementary funding.
>Only grants/contracts on which you are a named Principal Investigator, or
>co-PI, should count.
>Can you get this information to me by Monday at latest.

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