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cc: "Allan Rob" <rob.allanatXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>, Gil Compo <compoatXYZxyzorado.edu>
date: Wed Dec 22 11:53:17 2004
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: historical reanalysis progress, data needs] (plus
to: Gilbert.P.CompoatXYZxyza.gov

These archives can certainly have the EMULATE data - maybe you can have
them in a few months. I wouldn't want the gridded version to be available quite yet.
The station data should be up now.
IMPROVE is a problem. The co-ordinator (not me) signed an agreement with KLUWER
that the books would contain the data on CD. I'd just add the IMPROVE stations
to EMULATE and don't mention IMPROVE.
On NORDKLIM, best person to contact is Heikki Tuomenvirta <heikki.tuomenvirtaatXYZxyz.fi> .
On a website with a GCOS seal of approval. I don't see why not. I'd set one
up and discuss linking it from Geneva with Hans Teunisson
"Hans Teunissen" <HTeunissenatXYZxyz.int>
AOPC meets in Geneva April 11-15, so it would be good to have this to report. I'm
sure you've done much more !
Have a good festive break !

At 16:16 21/12/2004, Gilbert P Compo wrote:

Dear Phil,
Rob and I have been having an email exchange about datasets that will be used for the
historical reanalysis project. We have also been having an exchange about making a
website for the AOPC/OOPC surface pressure working group.
To summarize the following:
1) Can NOAA NCDC and NCAR archive the input EMULATE, IMPROVE, etc stations that get used
in the reanalysis? Also, Rob specifically mentioned a NORDKLIM dataset, which I don't
have. do you have the details about accessing that and getting permission for archiving
2) What do we need to do to get a group website made "official" by GCOS?
What stage should it be in? From fully functional to preliminary plan? I will be working
with 2 people here to put together a website with at some of the functionality described
Your thoughts on both topics would be greatly appreciated.
Hope you have a merry Christmas and happy new year,
best wishes,
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Subject: Re: historical reanalysis progress, data needs
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 14:39:50 +0000
From: Allan, Rob <rob.allanatXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>
To: Gilbert P Compo <Gilbert.P.CompoatXYZxyza.gov>
References: <41B87C54.40204atXYZxyza.gov> <41BD9C32.9020002@dmi.dk>
<41BDDAFA.1050202atXYZxyza.gov> <1103105903.14884.48.camel@eld449.desktop.frd.metoffice.com>
On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 16:16, Gilbert P Compo wrote:

Allan, Rob wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 18:10, Gilbert P Compo wrote:
> >>Dear Torben,
>>Thank you for the use of the dataset in the project. Clarifying that >>most of it
should be in ECA is extremely useful. I obtained at least >>some of the WASA dataset
from you in about 2001. The stations ended at >>about 1995 at that point, as described
in your
>>TR97-3.PDF document. If the dataset has been updated on the CD-ROM you >>are offering,
I would love to get it. Otherwise, I think that you have >>already provided everything.
>>As to digitizing additional Greenland stations, NOAA's National Climatic >>Data Center
runs the Climate Data Modernization Program (CDMP) which has >>been digitizing
historical data. If it is possible to transfer the paper >>or make images, perhaps we
could contact the supervisor of CDMP, Joe >>Elms <Joe.D.ElmsatXYZxyza.gov> about getting the
Greenland data digitized in >>time for IPY?
>>I have also CC'ed my colleague Rob Allan at the UKMO Hadley Centre. Rob >>Allan and I
are co-convenors of GCOS AOPC/OOPC working group on surface >>pressure. If the Greenland
digitization has to be under a European >>effort, perhaps Rob knows how to link it to
some work that he is organizing?
>>Please let me know if I can be of any help facilitating getting these >>data
digitized. My colleague here at the University of Colorado at >>Boulder, Koni Stefan,
would probably also be very interested in >>additional Greenland pressure observations
extending back to the 19th >>century.
>>Thank you again for the dataset, and any additional data you can provide.
>>best wishes,
>>gil compo
>>Torben Schmith wrote:
>>>Hello Gilbert,
>>>I certainly support your initiative of applying the reanalysis principle >>>back in
time based on mainly surface observations. The WASA dataset can >>>go into this project
and I will send you a copy+CD-ROM when you are >>>ready to recieve it, but most of the
WASA series have ben included into >>>the ECA dataset, with one important exception:
Greenland. For the time >>>being only one station from Greenland is digitised back to
the 1890es. >>>We have around 10 stations on paper form with 3xdaily pressure
>>>observations back to th 19th century. There are efforts to make a
>>>digitisation/quality control of these data a part of th International >>>Polar Year,
but presently no fundings are avaliable ;-) .
>>>Torben Schmith
>>>Gilbert P Compo wrote:
>>>>Dear colleagues,
>>>>I am pleased to let you know that CDC has received some seed funding
>>>>to make a pilot reanalysis for 1938-1948 using surface pressure data.
>>>>We also hope to use some upper-air data for a subset of the period. I
>>>>have attached our proposal. We hope that this is the start of the 1893 >>>>to
present reanalysis detailed in a Climate Change Science Program >>>>Working Group report
on reanalysis
>>>>We now need to gather some of the datasets that many of you have >>>>generously
offered to be included in the reanalysis.
>>>>An important aspect of the reanalysis will be the ability to feed back
>>>>the results of the observational quality control, observation minus
>>>>first guess, and observation minus analysis to the data providers.
>>>>Steve Worley at NCAR has suggested that frozen versions of each
>>>>dataset be archived at NCAR (if they are not already) so that we can >>>>have a
stable database and a discrete version number to track and use >>>>to improve future
versions. Your thoughts on this idea and permission >>>>would be greatly appreciated.
>>>>I will be contacting each of you directly as we need your data and
>>>>other input, but your immediate response to the feedback idea and NCAR >>>>archive
would be greatly appreciated.
>>>>Thank you again for your support to make this initial historical
>>>>reanalysis a success.
>>>>best wishes,
>>>>gil compo
>>>>For your information, the assimilating model will be the operational >>>>NCEP Global
Forecasting System provided courtesy of NCEP/EMC (Hua-Lu >>>>Pan <Hualu.PanatXYZxyza.gov>).
SST and Ice Boundary Conditions are via M. >>>>Kanamitsu of UCSD <mkanamitsuatXYZxyzd.edu>
and M. Fiorino of LLNL >>>><fiorinoatXYZxyzl.gov> courtesy of Nick Rayner of the UK Hadley
Centre >>>><nick.rayneratXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>.
>>>>The following is a list of the datasets with sub-daily pressure that >>>>have been
proposed for inclusion or for verification in the >>>>1893-present reanalysis and the
contact person or persons:
>>>>Station pressure collections at NCDC
>>>>Integrated Surface Hourly, (Neal Lott NCDC, <Neal.LottatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>Climate Data Modernization Program, 1001 Forms and Surface Airways, >>>>(Joe Elms,
NCDC <Joe.D.ElmsatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>Russian empire stations, (Pasha Groisman, NCDC <Pasha.GroismanatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>International collections
>>>>EMULATE, IMPROVE, and European Climate Assessment stations, (Rob >>>>Allan, Hadley
Centre <rob.allanatXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk> and Phil Jones, U >>>>of East Anglia
>>>>WASA, (Torben Schmith, Danish Meteorological Institute <tsatXYZxyz.dk>)
>>>>Canadian station pressure observations, (Val Swail and Xiaolan (Leona) >>>>Wang, Met
Service of Canada <Xiaolan.WangatXYZxyzgc.ca>)
>>>>Individual Stations with pressure observations
>>>>Hong Kong (Gil Compo, CDC from Hong Kong >>>>Observatory)<Gilbert.P.CompoatXYZxyza.gov>
>>>>Honolulu pre-1001 Forms (Joe Elms, NCDC)<Joe.D.ElmsatXYZxyza.gov>
>>>>Jakarta/Batavia (Roy Jenne, NCAR)<jenneatXYZxyzr.edu>
>>>>Marine Observations archived at CDC
>>>>ICOADS, (Scott Woodruff, CDC <Scott.WoodruffatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>US Marine Journals, (Scott Woodruff, CDC <Scott.WoodruffatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>Japanese Whaling Data, (Scott Woodruff, CDC <Scott.WoodruffatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>German Marine Observations (Reinhard Zoellner, DWD >>>><Reinhard.ZoellneratXYZxyz.de>)
>>>>Kobe Collection (Takashi Yoshida <tyoshidaatXYZxyz.kishou.go.jp>)
>>>>Marine Observations archived at Creighton
>>>>Monthly Weather Review ship reports, (Art Douglas, Creighton
>>>>Atlantic Hurricane Observations
>>>>Atlantic Hurricane Database
>>>>Re-analysis, (Chris Landsea, AOML <Chris.LandseaatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>Upper air data
>>>>Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (Imke Durre, NCDC >>>><Imke.DurreatXYZxyza.gov>)
>>>>ETH/NCAR upper air radiosonde, aircraft, pibals, (Stefan Bronnimann
>>>>ETH Zurich <stefan.bronnimannatXYZxyz.ethz.ch>)
>>>>NCEP Observational archive
>>>>NCEP-NCAR reanalysis1 BUFR archive (Bob Kistler NCEP, >>>><Robert.KistleratXYZxyza.gov>;
Steve Worley NCAR, <worleyatXYZxyzr.edu>)
>>>>NCEP operational and historical archive (Jack Woollen NCEP,
>>>>Gil Compo, Research Scientist, CIRES
>>>>University of Colorado
>>>>Mail : Climate Diagnostics Center
>>>>325 Broadway R/CDC1, Boulder, CO 80305-3328
>>>>Email: compoatXYZxyzorado.edu
>>>>Phone: (303) 497-6115 Fax: (303) 497-6449
>>>>"Do you know the balancings of the clouds,
>>>>the wondrous works of Him who is perfect
>>>>in knowledge?" Job 37:16
> > Gil,
> I suspect that anything we could provide from here would be from
> EMULATE efforts. I'm not sure what the situation is re making that data
> available - at least what the time frame is other than after EMULATE
> finishes at the end of next year.
> > What is the status of the AOPC Surface Pressure Group WWW site that
> you have to go ahead for? I think we'll also have to do something early
> next year re our work plan for the next AOPC meeting in earlish 2005.
> > Cheers, Rob.
> >
For the input datasets from EMULATE, I don't think that you have anything from 1938
onwards. Getting those datasets is really more important as we go back towards the start
of the 20th century. At the first EMULATE meeting at CRU, everyone there did agree that
I could get access to the datasets. That is why I can get to the website and am on the
mailing list. Luckily, I don't think that this will be issue because the timing will
be fine. Getting the data later next year. Should I/we correspond with Phil about the
details of making the data available for the historical reanalysis project?
As to the website, yes, it is really time to get going on that.
Here's a list of what the website might include:
1) Group business
Terms of Reference
Minutes from Previous Meetings/Workshops
2) Data access
A. Easy downloads of monthly and daily gridded SLP, surface pressure datasets:
Kaplan SLP
Northern Hemisphere SLP
NCEP Reanalysis SLP, surface pressure
ERA 40 Reanalysis SLP, surface pressure??
Otherwise, links to some and references for others?
B. Downloads of time series or links to the source
Madras SLP
4) Data analysis Tools like at
Even if we can't serve the data, maybe we can make it available for the Tools?
General questions-
How do we ensure that our site is an "official" GCOS site?
How do we get permission to place some of the datasets that you are involved with on the
I suggest that we send an improved version of this list out to the full group for
comment. What do you think?
Also, I will almost definitely be coming to the Oct meeting, so piggy backing a working
group meeting is a really good idea. Let's start planning that too. I think we can get
that in the workplan.

Sorry, I forgot that you were well linked to the EMULATE effort -
old age setting in.
I'm not sure if there are any stations which we got for EMULATE
that go through to the present that are not also ones you'd get from
WASA, NORDKLIM and the like. I'll check with Tara which ones go right
through in the EMULATE set.
With the longer historical reanalysis effort, it would be good to
touch base with Phil about that. I liked your suggested website layout
and sections, and I think we can at least come up with links to most of
them if not full downloads. It might be good to talk to Phil about how
we make it an official GCOS site, I don't know the politics of GCOS as
well as Phil does, and I think it would be a good step in sorting that
out. Again, re putting data sets on our site it will be a matter of
finding out what protocols they require. Once completed, EMULATE data
should be readily available, and others will be a matter of talking to
the right people. Over here in the UK, we have this Freedom of
Information act coming into place from 1 January 2005, and that may well
impact some things at this end re all of this.
I think that once we iterate a bit on the website outline you sent
and sort out a few of the other issues above we could certainly
circulate it to group members. Yes, we must start planning for the
meeting in October next year. For me, things are a little in limbo at
present as we wait to hear if our big proposal to the EC, AESOP, has got
through - a lot will be decided by the outcome of that project from this
end. So early in January lets iterate on the October effort - I am
hopeful we'll have heard one way or another about AESOP by then.
Hoping that you and your family have a really great Christmas and
New Year.
Cheers, Rob.
Dr Rob Allan,
Climate Scientist,
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research,
Met Office,
Fitzroy Road,
Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB,
Phone: +44 1392 886 904 (W)
Phone: +44 1837 659 177 (H)
E-mail: rob.allanatXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk (W)
E-mail: rallanatXYZxyztel.com (H)
Gil Compo, Research Scientist, CIRES
University of Colorado
Mail : Climate Diagnostics Center
325 Broadway R/CDC1, Boulder, CO 80305-3328
Email: compoatXYZxyzorado.edu
Phone: (303) 497-6115 Fax: (303) 497-6449
"Do you know the balancings of the clouds,
the wondrous works of Him who is perfect
in knowledge?" Job 37:16

Prof. Phil Jones
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University of East Anglia
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