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date: Tue, 4 May 1999 10:47:47 -0400 (EDT)
subject: Re: Perspective Science piece

Hi Keith,

Thanks very much for the update. Sounds like everything should be
good here. I'm sorry If I might have seemed to over-react, but
it was just to make sure we avoided the scenario of last year
where we had to end up publishing a followup letter because
we and Phil hadn't had adequate communication before the piece
was published. I'll look forward to seeing the piece in print.
It sounds like you guys have a done a very good job. Indeed,
Tim and we had a very constructive dialogue about things in
your absence. Will be in touch.

best regards,


p.s. I mentioned to Phil it would be nice to get at least one
spatial pattern of your summer dendro temperature estimates into
IPCC, along with a pattern or two from our multiproxy recons.
I haven't heard back to Phil, but perhaps you can make a specific
suggestion, and send me an appropriate postscript file? It's
not too late to get this to Chris Folland for inclusion in the
initial draft. Thanks in advance...

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