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date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:30:23 +0400 (MSD)
from: From <>
subject: message from Vaganov

Dear Keith
sorry for late answer - was busy with
annual meeting of Academy (several visits
to Moscow and Novosibirsk).
Thanks a lot for your efforts to get
money to continue the field wood collection
in Taymir. Also many thanks for your making
the manuskripts.
For my point of view your suggestion to
bring money to Krasnoyrsk seems more acceptable
that to send it with Fritz. We start with Taymir
expedition in the end of August (just before the
Krasnoyarsk meeting) and for short period I can
easily to borrow the needed amount in Institute
(because you'll be in Krasnoyarsk at Semtember
1-2). So, for me this variant seems better.
Only one problem - transfer the cash money.
You can use also the way to transfer on bank,
but now there is only rigth way (without lost
a money and overcome some bureacratic problems) -
to transfer from your personal (privite) account
to my bank account. Let me know, what you prefer?
Regards, Gene.
P.S. Did you receive my

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