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cc: Keith Briffa <>, Phil Jones <>
date: Thu May 8 12:17:41 2008
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: request for all correspondence related to IPCC
to: Eystein Jansen <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>, David Rind <>,, Bette Otto-Bleisner <>,, joos <>, "Ricardo Villalba" <>, Susan Solomon <>,, Valerie Masson-Delmotte <>, Dominique Raynaud <>,,,,,,,

Dear colleagues,

our university has received a request under the UK's Freedom of Information Act for all correspondence (emails, letters, faxes) relating to our work as IPCC authors, including those that we sent to you, but also those that you may have sent to us!

We've attached a copy of this request; you are all named explicitly in the request (though the request is not limited to correspondence with just those listed).

We have not yet decided how to respond to this request, because of the huge number of emails that we would have to search through and consider, and the amount of work involved.

We have been advised by the UEA information officer to request some information from you, specifically:

(i) whether you have any concerns if we were to release any emails etc. that you may have sent to us (it is entirely possible that any correspondence that we release may be posted on certain websites);

(ii) whether you or your institutions have received similar requests;

(iii) and, if you have received similar requests, what your response has been / will be.

If we do release any such material, we would expect to inform you, so that you are fully aware of what we have released. We would really appreciate it if you would do the same, if you also release similar material.

Note that this email, together with any responses you might make by email/letter/fax, might also need to be released. To save time or effort on your part, you can always phone us if you prefer (Keith: +44 1603 593909, Tim: +44 1603 592089).

Best wishes

Keith and Tim

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