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cc: Tom Wigley <>, Christine McCallister <>, "'Philip D. Jones'" <>
date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 17:41:55 -0700
from: Ben Santer <>
subject: Re: Participants So Far

Dear Lisa,

Following Anjuli's email of last Friday (formally authorizing the use of
my DOE Fellowship funds for payment of some Symposium-related expenses),
Christine has been looking into the "rules for DOE and lab travel, and
miscellaneous expenses" mentioned by Anjuli. This has proved to be quite
time-consuming. Despite Anjuli's authorization, DOE rules prohibit us
from using my Fellowship funds to pay for food at a "meeting". I CAN use
my DOE Fellowship money to pay for food at a "conference"! There are
somewhat complex DOE rules governing the distinction between a "meeting"
and a "conference".

Christine and I are now trying to argue that Tom's Symposium is a
"Co-Sponsored Conference". I think we may be successful with this
argument - but it will require completion of some paperwork on my part.

It's my birthday later this week, and as birthday present, my girlfriend
Annie booked a trip to Lake Tahoe. Annie did this several months ago,
and it's difficult to change the booking now. So I'll be taking vacation
on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. I'll be back in my
office this Friday. I'm sorry that I won't be able to work on answering
Symposium questions until Friday. I'll try to get all remaining
paperwork done then (e.g., regarding the justification for classifying
the Symposium as a "conference", updating the participant list, etc.)

I'll have my cell phone along in Tahoe, so feel free to call me
(925-325-0481) with any questions!

With best regards,


Lisa Butler wrote:
> Hi Ben and Tom,
> I received the lodging lists from the Golden Buff and Millennium this
> morning. Rather than just forwarding them to you, I'm attaching my Excel
> spreadsheet because I also have notes about some who have personal
> accommodations. Note that the hotel info is outside of the print area,
> so you can only see it on the screen; if you want it to print you will
> need to change the print area to include that far right-hand column.
> Please let me know if you have heard from any of the folks unaccounted
> for because later this week I am going to send out a request for RSVPs
> from anyone we haven't heard from.
> Also let me know if getting this info in Excel is problematic for you,
> if so, I'll turn it into a Word table (but not today -- I have to leave
> at 1:30 PM today for a class).
> Ben, would you mind giving Christine a gentle nudge about sending me the
> billing info so I can get the menus started? I should really get the
> orders in this week!
> Thanks and cheers,
> Lisa

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