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cc: zhongwei yan <>,
date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 08:39:46 -0500
from: "Michael E. Mann" <>
subject: Re: PAGES/CLIVAR workshop
to: Christoph Kull <>, Keith Briffa <>

Dear Cristoph, Keith:
Thanks for the update.
I'm with Keith on this--I think that a smaller, more focused, coordinated invited workshop
where each of the participants might actually be able to produce some analyses for
discussion/comparison beforehand, would be most effective. Several of the more obvious
participants for this are already mentioned below. Gabi Hegerl might be added to this list,
as well as Ray Bradley and Ed Cook...
At 05:43 AM 3/21/2005, Christoph Kull wrote:

Dear Keith,
Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I completely agree - and we will be able to go this way.
A solution might be, that after the "invited workshop" we will have an open
Anyway, lets await the other responses.
I will get back to you - also with news about related swiss funding...
All the best,
On 21.03.2005 10:55, "Keith Briffa" <> wrote:
> Good news Christoph
> I can see that this might need to be an open event , but the value will be
> more if , as we suggested, some work can be done before (as decided by a
> small group). We certainly do not want a very big meeting - this will just
> dilute the interaction and so I still suggest an invited workshop . Can we
> wait until hearing what Mike and the others think before issuing too many
> invitations
> best wishes
> Keith
> At 08:00 21/03/2005, Christoph Kull wrote:
>> Dear Zhongweyi, dear Keith, dear Mike
>> Hope everything is going well!
>> As I already wrote some days ago, PAGES will get funded from the US-side at
>> least for the period till August 2006. Its pretty sure that there will be
>> further support afterwards, but we will have to apply for funding again and
>> in a different way.
>> Therefore, the question about the planned P/C workshop on past millennia
>> variability arise.
>> The plan is to held this workshop in 2006 in Switzerland. PAGES will
>> probably find additional money from swiss resources to cover part of the
>> expenses. We certainly would need funding from PAGES and CLIVAR. I guess
>> this is secured - following the discussions in Victoria.
>> Shall I contact the key players (Briffa, , Mann, Jones, Moberg, Esper,
>> Crowley, Luterbacher) in order to pre-set a possible calendar date. Do you
>> suggest someone else to contact in advance?
>> I suggest to start planning with late summer / autumn 2006. Spring 2006 is
>> probably too early.
>> PAGES policy requires to have this workshop finally as an "open event". We
>> may set the number of participants but should allow also outsiders to
>> participate in order to discuss about methodology and probable future
>> approaches.
>> Anyway, let me know what you think, all the best and greetings from Bern!
>> Christoph
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phone: +4131 312 31 53/33
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