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Hi All,

That is a very good idea indeed. I was talking to Tom Stocker last week,
arguing that resolving the differences in the definition of attribution
between WG1 and WG2 was going to be one of the key challenges for AR5,
particularly as attribution of impacts becomes a live topic as countries
start to make the case for adaptation assistance. How about we invite
the co-Chair of WG1 along as well?

If we are going to invite Chris Field, we should definitely also invite
someone from the "double attribution" community, or it will seem a bit
like WG1 lecturing to the co-Chair of WG2. Any suggestions, David?

Anjuli, has anyone in the US State Department (or whichever department
will handle this) started addressing the question of how the US
government will distinguish "impacts of climate change" from
"vulnerability to natural climate variability" in allocating resources
for adaptation assistance? If anyone has even started thinking about
this problem, it would be very interesting to hear from them to know
what questions they are likely to need answering. We could also try and
find out if anyone in the European Commission is worrying about this.



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Subject: Re: Meeting Jan 21-23

Hi Gabi et al.

I wonder if we could try to get Chris Field, who is going to be the
chair of working group 2 for AR5...I don't know how likely it is to
get him but it may be interesting to get his perspective on what was
done in AR4 WG2 and what he would like to see in AR5 WG2.


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Gabi Hegerl <gabi.hegerlatXYZxyzac.uk>
> Hi IDAG people,
> Its time to start planning our next IDAG meeting in detail. A
> coarse agenda is attached. Please feel free to email me
> suggestions to improve/update this, and if there is a topic you would
> to see covered but that isn;t please get in touch as well.
> Also, we should have one topic related to the impacts review paper
that is
> to be written in year 2 of the grant. Therefore, if you
> have a suggestion of a guest that would help us elucidate the
challenges in
> impact attribution but also to move forward on this,
> please let me know!
> Tara Torres from UCAR (tara@ucar.edu) will help us to plan the
> Also, I hope to hire a student helper at Duke to get our meeting
> going, keep track of agenda items etc, but please bear with me
> and tolerate a bit of chaos before we have succeeded with this!
> What I need from you is to please
> - let me know if you can make it, and what you would vaguely like to
> about (you can do the first now and postpone the second)
> - get in touch with Tara to book your travel - ideally, towards the
end of
> October / or in early November (she is a bit buried right now)
> - get in touch with me when you have suggestions, or want to bring
> Gabi
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