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date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:19:33 -0400
from: Ed Cook <drdendroatXYZxyzo.columbia.edu>
subject: Re: little boxes
to: Keith Briffa <k.briffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk>

Hi Keith,

Trust me, I would not regard the interpolated data as worthless. But it
does need to be recognized as weak in sparsely gaged areas. Actually I did
not review the Collins ms, at least as far as I can recall which isn't much
these days.

Your schedule for coming over here will fit in okay I think. Thanksgiving
is on Nov 22 this year. So, you have no excuse. I will probably be
returning from India around that time also. The meeting in Italy sounds
interesting. Of course I did not hear about it until after everything was
set. Maybe I will have you insert some of my long ignored, unseen, and
forgotten Tasmania work in which I developed a prediction model of
multi-decadal temperature and used it to argue how natural variability
could both mimic and mask an anthropogenic warming trend. You do remember
that great paper, don't you?

The cheek of those still steeped in the Colonial Empire mentality! But I
guess I will accept what the vice Chancellor said as a compliment.

For the Cambridge meeting, Dougal Goodman wants some data to play with.
Would you be interested in using your Tornestrask and Polar Urals data for
that purpose? Or maybe some of your banded data? It ought to at be some
tree-ring data that has been worked through for low-frequency trends.



> Ed
> I love you (Michelle and you that is).
> Please continue to let me send boxes. I do intend to come to you in
>November but I am committed to give a talk in Italy at a meeting from
> the 10-15th ! Does this clash with Thanksgiving? Also I think I may need
>you to pay for it! Also your use of the phrase
> "not as sanguine" tells me you refereed the Collins et al manuscript. I
>agree sort of with much of what you say. I agree with all you say about
>the rainfall data - but Tim desperately needs some salary and I would like
>this proposal to provide some of it if possible.
> I never got to see what you wrote for my reference - the documents were
>shredded - but I heard that the vice Chancellor said it was "quite
>complementary and well written for an American".
> I won't be back in time for the meal in Cambridge , and I probably can
>not make the meeting as I said before - pity because both would have been
>fun. Hope everything is OK with you at home. Love and kisses
> Keith
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