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date: Thu, 22 May 2008 10:29:15 +0100
from: Clare Goodess <C.GoodessatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: ARCC
to: Phil Jones <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>,"Jim Hall" <jim.hallatXYZxyzcastle.ac.uk>

Hi Jim

Many thanks for this. It looks a strong proposal with a good
stakeholder team already on board. So yes, as Phil has already said
we would like to be involved.

I have one general question for Chris and Phil - which is relevant to
any work we might do on the weather generator as part of ARCC, and is
- are there any issues that we need to consider in relation to
UKCIP08, particularly if the intention is to develop a
publicly-available revision of what is available in the user
interface. Maybe we need to have some informal discussion with UKCIP,
BADC and DEFRA on this issue.

Task 1, refers to temperature and rainfall, but presumably there is
also interest in the other wgen variables such as radiation?

In Task 2, will it be possible to look at joint probability climate events?

In Task 5 - would it be possible to make use of UEA Tyndall's
visualisation facilities?

Given Phil's comments below, your second point in Task 1
'Uncertainty/sensitivity analysis of extremes and persistence' could
be rephrased to something like 'Uncertainty/sensitivity analysis of
extremes and improved simulation of persistence'.

I assume the UEA RA time would primarily be for Colin Harpham, and
the FEC days would be for Phil. If possible, I would like to have
some named involvement in this proposal (though would anticipate a
larger role in the critical infrastructure proposal) - so would be
good to have a little salary for me as well (e.g., a month at most).

Are the Hadley Centre happy to be involved as a stakeholder, i.e.,
with no funding?!

Best wishes, Clare

At 16:53 20/05/2008, Phil Jones wrote:

> Jim,
> I had a brief phone conversation with Chris yesterday. Some of
> the thoughts there on
> adapting the WG to better simulate hot dry spells would fit in
> here. These spells
> would clearly be more felt in urban environments as opposed to the
> countryside, as
> they are already that little bit warmer. Chris and I talked about
> getting the drier spells
> to warm up more quickly - as happens in reality sometimes. It
> isn't just the mean temperatures.
> Here's a few examples of the UHIs for London based on max and min
> temps for DJF
> and JJA.
> An interesting aspect of this work which was for the GLA is
> that a) there isn't
> much of a trend in the differences over time (so the UHI isn't
> getting worse) and b)
> for max temps the outer London site at LHR has higher temps than LWC.
> Getting the spells better in the WG is crucial, as it is the
> spells that have the impacts.
> So yes to being involved if the study could incorporate this aspect.
> Cheers
> Phil
> PS The joint CRU/Tyndall garden at Chelsea won an award
> http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/media/news/latest_news.shtml
>At 12:41 20/05/2008, Jim Hall wrote:
>>Dear Clare
>>In Sheffield we discussed potential joint bids to ARCC. Attached is a
>>draft outline and spreadsheet work plan for the first of two we
>>discussed. This one deals with integrated assessment of climate change
>>in cities, building strongly on the Tyndall Cities work, so is submitted
>>as a Tyndall Centre bid. The next, which I will get to you by the end of
>>this week, will deal with national-scale analysis of critical
>>infrastructure and will be based on a smaller consortium.
>>Please can you/Phil:
>>1. let me know whether you are interested in being involved in this
>>2. let me have any comments on the outline, especially your potential
>>role in it. I recognise that the attached is twice as long as permitted
>>- I will edit and compress when we are ready to submit.
>>3. take a look at the outline resource allocation. Even though this is
>>only an outline proposal we need to generate reasonably accurate costs.
>>If you would like to give me a call to discuss, please ring me this
>>week, as I will be on holiday next week. Otherwise, can you send your
>>comments to me by Friday 30 May. I will then get going with the Jes
>>outline proposal form and will require costing inputs from UEA for that.
>>Best wishes
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