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date: Thu Jul 31 13:42:49 2003
from: Tim Osborn <t.osbornatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Mann series
to: simon.tettatXYZxyzoffice.com

Ooops! Forgot the attachments last time!

Hi Simon,

the attached files contain the Mann et al. 1999 series and uncertainties for comparison with HadCM3. These are calibrated against the full hemisphere (land+ocean, tropics+extratropics) annual mean temperature.

contains the unfiltered series from 1000 to 1980. It is calibrated, so represent K anomalies, but relative to a 1902-1980 baseline. To convert it to anomalies relative to 1961-1990 basline, subtract 0.12 from every value.

contains the 1 and 2 standard errors for the same series. Two columns give the errors for the unfiltered series, then two columns give them for "lowf" which are the errors appropriate for a 40-year smoothed record. I don't have errors for any other time scale.

It will be interesting to see the comparison.



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