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date: Wed Dec 1 16:02:20 1999
from: Tim Osborn <t.osbornatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: re. your Ambio paper
to: tomatXYZxyzan.tamu.edu

Dear Tom

You may remember that we met in the spring at a meeting in the Netherlands on combining paleodata with climate modelling. Phil Jones showed me a copy of a manuscript that you submitted to Ambio (Crowley & Lowery, How warm was the medieval warm period? A comment on "man-made versus natural climate change"), and I notice that it is cited in the latest draft of the new IPCC chapter 2 on observed climate. Is this paper now 'in press'? If so, then would it be possible to obtain your reconstruction (at a decadal time scale) based on a composite of 15 records (i.e., the curve in your Fig. 3 that includes Michigan pollen and Sargasso SST)? I would like to correlate it against observed temperatures and against other reconstructions (you included some r values in your paper) and maybe, with your permission, include it in an intercomparison figure (an update of the figure shown in Briffa & Osborn, Science, May 1999).

Best regards


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