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cc: wgii.bureau@earth.usgcrp.gov, ipcc@earth.usgcrp.gov, tar_revedatXYZxyzcrp.gov
date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 15:04:36 -0400
from: nlearyatXYZxyzcrp.gov (Neil Leary)
subject: First Action Items from CLA Meeting
to: tar_claatXYZxyzcrp.gov

Dear CLAs,

This is the first in a series of follow-up action items from our recent CLA
meeting. A response is requested from you by JUNE 9.

At the CLA meeting it was agreed that, for the 1st-order draft of the WG2
report, we need to do a better job of cross-chapter coordination and review
and that cross-chapter liasons/reviewers need to be identified. Also, the
WG2 Bureau endorsed chapter 18 and 19's requests for information from other
chapters to assist them with synthesis of climate change impacts,
adaptation, and vulnerabilities. It was agreed at the meeting that
responding to these requests is critically important to the success of
these chapters and that, for the chapter 19 request, a CLA from each
chapter should be designated to take responsibility for responding. (The
chapter 18 request for information will go directly to LAs as well as CLAs
and coordination of responses by CLAs is not required.)

I have two requests to get these processes moving.

1. Please inform me of the name of the CLA for your chapter who will take
responsibility for coordinating, consolidating and delivering your
chapter's response to the chapter 19 request for information. The chapter
19 CLAs will be revising their information request shortly and I will
transmit their revised request to the designated CLAs.

2. Please provide me with a list of key topics in your chapter needing
review by authors from other chapters of WG2, or authors from other Working
Groups. For each topic, identify the chapter(s) and Working Groups from
which authors should be recruited to review your chapter's treatment of
that topic. If there are specific authors you hope will review a topic in
your chapter, please identify them.

I ask that you respond to these requests by JUNE 9. I will put together a
consolidated list of cross-chapter topics, circulate to all authors, and
ask authors to identify the topics/chapters that they will review. I may
ask for your assistance in encouraging authors in your chapters to sign up
for this responsibility. I will also ask for your recommendations of
external reviewers at that time.

At the CLA meeting it was also agreed that, if possible, an interim draft
of each chapter would be produced and made available within WG2 in
mid-July. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to address
cross-chapter inconsistencies and omissions prior to distribution of the
1st draft for external expert review. This can be an extremely valuable
exercise - but it is a voluntary one. If/when you have a revised draft,
please post it to the ftp site and send a broadcast to all authors and
review editors announcing availability of the draft and the file name(s).
If only some portions of the interim draft are revised from the 0-order
draft, identify the sections that have changed in your broadcast. The
broadcast aliai are <tar_claatXYZxyzcrp.gov>, <tar_la@usgcrp.gov>, and

Dave Dokken previously sent you instructions on how to write to the ftp
site. If you need to have the instruction resent, contact Dave. My
suggestion is that you post revised drafts as Word 6.0 documents with a
".doc" extension. Anyone needing a different file format can contact the
TSU for assistance.

It was a pleasure to see those of you who were able to attend the CLA
meeting. I hope that you all had safe and uneventful trips home.

Kind regards,


Neil A. Leary, Ph.D.
Head, Technical Support Unit
IPCC Working Group II
400 Virginia Avenue SW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20024 USA
General number: 1 202 314-2225
Direct number: 1 202 314-2224
Fax: 1 202 488-8678
email: nlearyatXYZxyzcrp.gov or ipccatXYZxyzcrp.gov

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