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date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 17:27:59 -0000
from: "Reisinger, Andy" <andy.reisingeratXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-las] Invitation for informal review of SYR preliminary
to: "Reisinger, Andy" <andy.reisingeratXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>

Dear colleague

On behalf of the Chair of the IPCC, it is my pleasure to invite you to
undertake an informal review of the preliminary draft of the Synthesis
Report (SYR) of the AR4.

Please submit your personal review comments by 7 January 2007 via email
to: mailto:syr.review@metoffice.gov.uk.

Please note that this preliminary draft of the SYR is necessarily at an
early stage of preparation. It is based on a stock-take of the three
draft IPCC Working Group reports, which are at various stages of
completion. It will undergo substantial revision in response to your
comments and further work by members of the Core Writing Team, and also
to reflect further changes in the underlying Working Group reports.
Because the conclusions of some of the Working Groups are still under
revision, parts of this preliminary draft may not fully reflect the
final conclusions of the Assessment. As lead authors and scientists
familiar with both the science in the current IPCC draft assessment
reports and the IPCC process, your comments and suggestions at this
early stage form an important input to the further work of the Core
Writing Team.

Because of its preliminary nature, which arises from overlaps in the
timing for the SYR with the schedules of the Working Group reports, this
draft has not been seen or discussed in its entirety by all members of
the Core Writing Team. The Chair would therefore particularly welcome
your comments on structure, balance, consistency and interactions
between topics, including suggestions on possible synthesis of material
from the Working Groups.

To protect the integrity of the IPCC, please treat this draft as
strictly confidential. You may not quote, cite or distribute this draft,
which would include not passing it on even to close colleagues.

Access details are provided below. Please do not share this password
with others.

If you have been invited to act as Review Editor for the SYR, please DO
NOT submit any comments on the topic for which you would later act as
Review Editor.

We look forward to your valuable input to the SYR. Please note that due
to tight deadlines, we must receive your comments by 7 January 2007 for
the Core Writing Team to make full use of them.

Access details:
Username: ar4syrexpr
password: syrexrev01

Best wishes, Andy

Dr Andy Reisinger
Head, Technical Support Unit for the IPCC Synthesis Report
Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter EX1 3PB, UK
Phone (mobile): +44 7920 296 938
Phone (office): +44 1392 88 4163
Fax: +44 1392 88 5681
Email: andy.reisingeratXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk

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