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date: Thu Jun 1 15:46:45 2000
from: Mike Hulme <m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: climate change and energy efficiency.
to: Eleanor.HatfieldatXYZxyz.co.uk


Here are some sentences. Please clear with me your final usage of them in any press release. I will put you on our Tyndall Centre mailing list.

"Climate is changing. And humans, through their emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, are deeply implicated in the causes of these changes. That humans are changing the climate now, means that we will be changing the climate over the century to come, given the inertia in our energy systems and the momentum for accelerated energy use world-wide. We have to find ways to reduce our emissions, and therefore to reduce the risks of a major dislocation of our climate."

"In the UK, winters are becoming wetter and summers drier .... and more of the winter rainfall is falling in the heaviest storms leading to an increased risk of flooding. Global warming is also accelerating the relative rise in sea-level around the East Anglian coast. The risk of a major coastal flooding event affecting this region of the UK can only be increased by global warming."

"The choice is between continuing with our largely inefficient and carbon-based energy systems and running an increasing risk of dangerous climate change, or making efforts to reduce carbon emissions thereby lessening the risks of dangerous climate change. Achieving carbon emissions reductions will require efforts by all sectors of the economy - businesses, government and consumers - and also, eventually, efforts by all nations."


At 12:31 30/05/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Dr Hulme,
>I work on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust, a government funded
>organisation established in reponse to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de
>The focus of much of the Trust's work is encouraging consumers to take
>energy efficiency measures in their homes. We would like to develop a
>press release highlighting the vulnerability of parts of East Anglia to the
>effects of climate change and explain to consumers exactly what the
>benefits of taking energy efficiency measures are - i.e. reducing the
>impact of climate change through reduced CO2 emissions and reducing their
>energy bills.
>I have read some of your comments about climate change, particularly in The
>Guardian recently about the pan-global impacts of global warming. Although
>the EST is not a government department, it is encouraging consumers to take
>measures which will help to prevent the worst effects of climate change and
>enable the UK to meet it's CO2 reduction targets by 2010.
>Obviously we can put forward facts and figures on the subject and
>demonstrate to consumers the cost savings they can make through energy
>efficiency. Expert independent testimony to the effect of climate change
>on the area and the need for consumers to 'do their bit' would obviously
>carry considerable weight. And this is the purpose of my note.
>Would it be possible for you to provide a short quote we could use in a
>press release which would reinforce the need for consumers to take action?
>A final copy of the release would be sent to you for approval before issue.
>If you have any questions please give me a call on 020 7853 2231.
>Eleanor Hatfield

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