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date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:08:00 GMT
from: "Simon J Shackley" <McysssjsatXYZxyz.sm.umist.ac.uk>
subject: various
to: m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk

dear Mike

1) We had a useful ETSU / DTI meeting in London on friday
attended by four people from UMIST (Geoff, myself, some one from
Nick's department and some one from process integration). TC got
a good plug from Catherine Coates.

Basically, ETSU will manage the 'carbon trust' pot of money for
R&D on technologies for decarbonisation - so fits very well into
RP2, though is more 'single discipline' than TC.

The first funding round is very soon - 10th Nov. - but is only for
short scoping studies (circa. 20K), though external funding
required. However, I would like to see us put in one TC proposal so
we get visibility in what will be a major programme in the next few
years. (perhaps �10 million a year!!!!). I had a chat to some of the
key people in ETSU who were receptive.

I may try and see if we can put a modified version of Robin Smith's
proposal to ETSU for the 10th.

We have a TC North meeting on friday at which we'll discuss the
carbon trust opportunity further.

2) My 200 words on RP2 is coming to you later on today when
Clair / Jonathan have checked it.

3) Do the scoping studies submitted under the first round have to
produce 6 pages like the full proposals? Could I say something
like - you can submit a maximum of six pages but you do not need
to submit 6 pages if it is not felt to be necessary?

4) What is the news on the RD?



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