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date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:20:34 +0100
from: Mike Hulme <m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Girton meeting and Launch
to: Neil Adger <n.adger@uea.ac.uk>,Nigel Arnell <N.W.ArnellatXYZxyzon.ac.uk>, Mike Hulme <m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk>, Nick Jenkins <jenkinsatXYZxyz.ee.umist.ac.uk>, Brian Launder <mcjtsblatXYZxyz.me.umist.ac.uk>, Simon Shackley <simon.shackleyatXYZxyzst.ac.uk>, John Shepherd <j.g.shepherdatXYZxyzon.ac.uk>, Andy Watkinson <a.watkinsonatXYZxyz.ac.uk>

A few items to bring you up to date with and some requests:

1. Invitations to the launch have now gone out. You will be aware of a
request re. poster displays already gone out from Nicola. Can I add two
more things to ask you:

(a) we will be preparing a Tyndall poster for each Programme consisting
primarily just of a very large photograph(s) that captures the Programme
and a very short piece of text explaining what the Programme aims to do in
lay terms. These will have a clear Tyndall identity (other posters will be
more mix and match since I imagine most will be pre-existing). Can you
send me no more than 200 words of text that captures the essence? I could
do this myself from the bid, but it's more authentic if you write it
yourself (it is also a good exercise for you to summarise the Programme
aims in no more than 200 words!).

(b) breaking science stories that we can plant at (before) the
launch. Please ask around to see whether there is any work by you or
colleagues that is both exciting for the press and relevant for Tyndall
that we can put into a press release (e.g. reports being released, papers
being published, workshops being held, etc.). I am pursuing one story
myself from work I'm doing in CRU, but it would be good if we can trail
2-3. This will massively increase our chances of getting national
press/media coverage. Please send any thoughts to me.

2. I hope you are making preparations for the Girton meeting on the 9th
October and in particular a short 10 minute presentation on your Programme
area - use this as an opportunity to steer discussion later in the day and
also to steer the sort of project priorities you would like to see. I will
kick off the day with a 10 minute refresher on the Tyndall research
objectives. Included in this will be a list of organisations with whom I
have had substantive contact over recent weeks about collaboration with
Tyndall Centre (see attached document). If there are others you have had
similar dealings with then please let me know so I can add to my list
(i.e., specifically Tyndall-related dealings/conversations, not a general
list of all your collaborators!!). I want to do this so the larger group
are fully aware of the breadth of organisations who are excited/interested
in working with us.

3. Invitations to the Advisory Board have started to go out with already 3
acceptances. I have two questions about names here. (a) Paul Jeffriss
from the Green Alliance has been nominated representing NGOs. Alternatives
here included Jonathan Porritt (Commission for Sustainable Development) and
Stephen Singer (WWF-Europe) and Tony Juniper (FoE). I don't know Paul
Jeffriss - does anyone have any strong views on this? (b) Prof. Jyoti
Parikh from Indira Ghandi Institute in Mumbai. Again only know to me
through her writings. Do those in the know have any alternatives to her
from non-Annex I world and academic and ideally a woman? Or are people happy?

All for now,



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