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If we make the bulk of it on the solar issue, we still have ot describe
exactly where the time series came from that are in the spectral analyses
and how they were developed. Also, we have made a streamflow
reconstruction (using two chronologies) that shows similar periodicities,
adding to that portion of the text. It makes the case weaker if the reader
does not have definitive information about the source of the series. We can
add a figure that (to me) clearly shows the phase relationships between the
18.6 and 22 periodicities. If the case is to be understood, a serious
reader is going to have to have Ed's paper to look at also.

We are now up to about 3,000 words and an additional figure. It seems to me
that this is too much for a short "fast track" paper. I think these
findings could be important stimulus for more studies but the presentation
has to be credible. I am a little up in the air about the next move.

Cheers, Gordon

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