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date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 16:35:45 +0100
from: "Thorne, Peter (Climate Research)" <>
subject: RE: Station data
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Sure. Dan isn't in until Thursday and there is uncertainty over whether he's on day or
night shift so it may not be til Friday at the very very earliest unless you view it as
sufficiently important that I get exec over-ride for message switching services to
investigate in the interim ... and its just a punt taht that will be possible.

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From: Phil Jones []
Sent: 28 July 2009 15:31
To: Thorne, Peter (Climate Research)
Subject: Station data

Been to my meeting with the FOI, the Deputy Librarian and a couple of others.
As McIntyre now has the data, can you let me know if you're able to determine
when he might have got it? I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but if he got it
on Friday, we can ignore the 48 requests we got between Sunday and today.
We can say that he already has the data.
I have told them that it won't stop with the data. They will move onto programs next.

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